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July 31, 2014

As Korea’s many universities continue to globalise, international students and professors are visiting Korea for short-term semester-break programs. Pretty well any university in Korea that you can name…

Spiky Brats

Korean Punk 2003: 14 bands for 10 bucks

May 20, 2014, No comments

It’s been over ten years since I moved to Korea. One of the first things I did when arriving here was to track down the local music scene. Back ...

Looking straight up.

White lanterns for Buddha’s Birthday

May 4, 2014, No comments

Every spring, the streets of Seoul are lined with colourful paper lanterns, lighting the streets after dark in commemoration of Buddha’s Birthda ...

Looking over the wall at Sungkyunkwan's Old Campus.

Sungkyunkwan, the royal university of Joseon

April 15, 2014, No comments

If you’ve ever visited Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), you may have noticed some traditional Korean buildings peering over a stone wall. That is ...

  • yongma_land_firetruck
    The empty rides of Yongma Land
    December 26, 2013, No comments

    On the eastern mountain slopes of Seoul, hikers climb up to the summit of Yongmasan. But on the way, they may notice a strange sight just off the main path: a dilapidated amusement park, left for years to the cruelty of the…

  • I was surprised to notice this arcade once along the main strip of Insadong. Somehow I only noticed it night when most other businesses were closed.
    11 things disappearing from Korea
    December 17, 2013, No comments

    As we’ve covered before, Korean society is capable of very rapid changes. But while I’ve given attention to what’s new in Korea, I haven’t talked much about what’s being phased out,…

  • Dongnimmun Overpass, part of my daily commute
    10 vistas of urban Seoul
    September 30, 2013, No comments

    No matter how long I live in Korea, I will never become Korean; however, I am certainly a Seoul citizen. After visiting my hometown earlier this year, I discovered how much more comfortable I am in Seoul. Rather than dwell…

  • I guess if I'd never seen a stapler before, I'd assume that's the name for it.
    Foreign Loanwords in Korean
    September 17, 2013, No comments

    Like any other language, Korean has collected a lot of loanwords over the centuries. It doesn’t take long after learning a bit of Korean to start noticing the high number of foreign words all around you. You’ve…