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March 11, 2014

Once I’ve introduced bike-sharing in Korea at Kojects and there I just briefly mentioned Nubija, the bike-sharing program of Changwon. This is a city on the southern coast of Korea. Among all Korean cities, Changwon…


The Truth About Korea’s Invisible Skyscraper Tower Infinity

September 16, 2013, No comments

Since a couple of days my news feed is filled with articles with the headlines “Seoul’s Invisible Tower”, “World’s First ...


More Entrances to Cheonggyecheon Stream

August 28, 2013, No comments

The Cheonggyecheon Stream (청계천, 淸溪川) is without doubt THE best practice of sustainable urban planning in Seoul. It replaced an inner-city ...


10 New Lines in Seoul’s Metro Network

August 12, 2013, No comments

A look at Seoul’s metro-map is quite intimidating because it contains over a dozen subway lines (I counted 17, not including Everline) in a wide ...