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Bok jumoni 복주머니
February 23, 2015
The New Year holiday is my favorite season back home in the Philippines and also here in South Korea. I used to think that every country celebrates New Year on January 1st, except for China which has its “Chinese…

How honest are people in Korea?

October 28, 2014, 2 Comments

Where I came from, it would be unthinkable to leave your cellphone on the table at a restaurant but it is something that we do here in Korea almost wi ...

Seen in Myeongdong ~ Kim Sun Ah and Jung Jun Ho

Starstruck in Korea

September 22, 2014, No comments

I became a Korean movie fan 14 years ago thanks to the movie of Jang Dong Gun and Kim Hee Sun. From that time, I had wished to come to Korea and see m ...

Photo credit: Razel Kim

Experiencing Royal Court Food

August 11, 2014, No comments

The Korean government has established multicultural centers in Seoul and all over Korea to provide learning and cultural experiences to its expat comm ...

  • "Photo zones" are all around in this park.
    An old quarry turned Art Valley
    July 1, 2014, No comments

    You may not find “Pocheon Art Valley” as one of the top destinations in Korea, but it is definitely worth visiting for a number of reasons. Pocheon Art Valley is about 55 km from Seoul City Hall and it’s…

  • Welcome to Petite France
    An Afternoon at Petite France
    April 8, 2014, No comments

    Petite France is a famous filming location of Korean dramas. Among them are “Beethoven Virus”, “Secret Garden” and the recently concluded “The Man from the Stars”. I saw all…

  • Your 14th-day checklist
    The 14th Day in Korea
    January 14, 2014, No comments

    Ever heard of the 14th day monthly occasions in Korea? I was amused when I first heard that the 14th day of every month is a special day. Aside from Valentine’s and White Day, most of these so-called “holidays”…

  • Sweets for the test taker...
    Suneung D-day
    November 7, 2013, No comments

    Suneung D-day is on November 7th! And we’re excited! My husband’s niece is one of the thousands of students who will take “suneung”.   Our niece’s FB wall on D-1 What is “suneung”?…