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December 8, 2014

Hello everyone, it’s been so long  since I last wrote for this blog due to my busy work schedule.

Actually there were many Korea related events in Indonesia during November, that I want to share here on the Korea Blog.…


Korea-Indonesia Taekwondo Team Wow The Audience in Jakarta

October 21, 2014, No comments

I am not a kind of a sport-person, but last weekend I decided to come to Korea-Indonesia Taekwondo Festival Day 2014 to see taekwondo demonstration by ...

eru accepted an award from Indonesia Ambassador for The Republic of South Korea, John A. Prasetio (picture  documentation of korea

“Special Friends of Indonesia” Award for K-Pop Singer Eru

September 15, 2014, No comments

In commemorating of 69th Indonesia Independence Day, Indonesian Embassy in Seoul gave a special appreciation for Eru, a Korean singer, composer and ac ...

Daebak Fan Cafe is a place for gathering , enjoy korean taste food and K-pop

“Sight, Sound, Scent, Taste and Touch” for K- Food Lovers

August 26, 2014, No comments

    Talking about Korea is not complete if we don’t experience its culinary. Korean resto flourishes, mainly in Jakarta, since Korean fev ...

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    Cia Cia “Little Korea” in Indonesia
    July 9, 2014, No comments

    There is an ethnic group in Indonesia using Korean alphabet to write their native language. This indigenous people called Cia Cia who lives in a small town in Sorawalio district, Bau-Bau which is located at Buton Island…