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Rizqi Putri, the owner of Summer Kim Hanbok
January 19, 2015

Korean wave has affected many people around the world, Indonesian is no exception. They sometimes don’t hesitate to spend their money enjoying Korean wave by purchasing merchandises, buying tickets for their…


Sheffield, England catches Korean rhythmns

January 9, 2015, No comments

영국 셰필드에 퍼지는 한국문화 사랑! The love towards Korean culture spreading in Sheffield, England   영국에서는 단 세 학 ...

© Prof. Hilary Finchum-Sung by Michael Hurt

Round Table discussion – Korean Traditional Music

December 31, 2014, No comments

Are you interested in getting a degree in Korean Studies or do you want to deepen your knowledge in the Traditional Music of Korea? I hope that this i ...


My Hallyu Fandom’s Many Faces

December 24, 2014, No comments

I recently read an article about Hallyu fandom in the Philippines which says that Filipino fans tend to be either of these three: an active fan, a sta ...

  • 001
    3 mistakes to avoid when learning Korean
    December 19, 2014, No comments

    It is always fun and exciting when you start learning a language. You want to absorb it all at once but soon enough you realize that you have to follow certain steps in order to be successful, plus you can’t ‘…

  • National Hangeul museum 1
    National Hangeul Museum
    November 13, 2014, Comments Off

    The National Hangeul Museum opened in October and last night the bloggers from The Korea Blog were invited for a guided tour. The museum is located right next to the beautiful National museum of Korea (I already posted…

  • Lee Bul Ikon Gallery Birmingham 001
    Lee Bul’s First UK Solo Exhibition
    November 11, 2014, No comments

    Korean Artist Lee Bul is currently holding her first UK solo exhibition at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham which displays many of her early drawings, studies, sculptural pieces and installations as well as a new piece…