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The Yeowoorak Festival
July 16, 2014

If you’re a music lover coming to Korea, your in luck! Seoul’s music scene is alive and well. Known worldwide for K-pop, you don’t have to be a fan of this genre to enjoy the music Seoul offers. Eastern and Western …


All About Hangul Fonts

July 3, 2014, No comments

Anyone who’s studied Korean or lived in Korea even for a short time probably knows some basic facts about Hangul. Hangul is the phonetic Korean ...

Bongsu Park

Reading between the lines: The Bongsu Park Interview

July 2, 2014, No comments

“I always wanted to find the earliest memory from my life”. Bongsu Park is looking at me in response to a question I have just asked her about her ...

couleur de peau miel 2

Approved for adoption – Couleur de peau: miel (skin colour: honey)

July 2, 2014, No comments

Couleur de peau: miel (skin colour: honey) or Approved for adoption is a French-Belgian-Swiss-South Korean autobiographical film made by Jung and Laur ...

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    A walk through history of Korean Music
    June 20, 2014, No comments

    I attended the 4th KPop Academy at the Korean Cultural Centre, UK. We looked at the evolution of Korean music through history at one of the sessions. The lecture was given by Professor Keith Howard. The lecture started…