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4DX Theater, 4dx cinemas, 4dx technology
July 28, 2014

There was a time when cinema was exciting with 2D movies and then comes the Era for 3D version of movies. 3D cinemas breaks the distant screen barrier, makes you wear glasses so that you can feel the live movie action. …


Seoul Folk Flea Market

July 25, 2014, No comments

The Folk Flea Market is an immense flea market located in the heart of Seoul close to the Cheonggyecheon stream. This market’s aim is to “preserve ...

Cover Group Pixies as A Pink

Cover Groups In The Philippine KPOP Scene

July 22, 2014, No comments

“Imitation is the highest form of flattery.” I think this saying best describes KPOP cover groups who honor the artists they are representing. Fue ...


Need To Cool Down? Try The Cheonggye Stream!

July 21, 2014, No comments

The temperatures these days in Seoul are getting higher, and enjoying outdoor activities without the threat of melting like strawberry ice cream dripp ...

  • 주간명월  cave speedboat
    Summer Escape to Udo Island
    July 18, 2014, No comments

    Is Summer too hot for you especially in the bustling city? Let’s head to this romantic island with picturesque scenery to relax, refresh and recharge yourself! Udo Island is legendary for its breath-taking…

  • DSC_0310
    Coffee and Cats – a morning with Buddhist nuns
    July 17, 2014, No comments

    Hello Again Everyone!! The very last major temple I had yet to visit in Yangsan was Beopcheonsa Temple. The first time I attempted to visit this nunnery in the mountains of Mt. Geumjeongsan, which borders on Busan to the…

  • Igidae Park
    Enjoy Busan: The beauty of rocks at Igidae Park.
    July 17, 2014, No comments

    During my summer holiday, I tried to find a place to enjoy surrounded by a beach. Since I was living in Gumi, Busan was the best option for me. Actually, I had already discovered this city more than four times,…