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  • The Soul of Seoul: Han River Bridge
    10 Ways To Enjoy the Han River
    February 2, 2015, No comments

    The Han River is an iconic natural symbol that runs through the center of the city of Seoul. The construction projects that began in the 1980s to give the Han River a needed makeover have been rather successful and now there…

    Take 6 Trips in Korea Challenge 2015
    January 23, 2015, No comments

    Sometimes we get caught up in all the reasons NOT to travel. We get lazy and demotivated, we feel constrained by money and time, and sometimes we only feel like we’re traveling if we hop on a plane and end up in a completely…

  • drivers_licence_dmv_car
    Getting your driver’s licence in Korea
    January 12, 2015, No comments

    I won’t lie: getting your driver’s licence in Korea is not a particularly enjoyable process. Then again, should it be? But it can be done with low (and probably even no) Korean language ability, if you’re…