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January 28, 2016
As we all know, Korea Train eXpress (KTX) is one of the main public transportation in South Korea. Many Koreans use it as their daily transportation to safely reach their destination. KTX is one of the fastest trains in…

Korean Wave in Kazakhstan

January 19, 2016, No comments

When we talk about Korea in Kazakhstan, we immediately think about the Korean wave (Hallyu). Nowadays, Korea and every single piece of Korean culture ...


Seoul of London: The Seoul Bakery Story

June 9, 2015, No comments

If you stay in this ‘quintessential hole in the wall’ for too long, you might forget you’re in London. Sitting at a little corner in ...


March 14 = Sweet White Day

March 13, 2015, No comments

Are you familiar with what romantic date Korea has this month? Clue: It’s connected to Valentines’ Day. Well I hope you aren’t too l ...

  • ckamjatangnadinekoreablog
    All About Kamjatang (감자탕, Gamjatang)
    February 5, 2015, No comments

    My friends and I visited a new specialty restaurant called ‘Mattna Kamjatang’ since it opened up near my place. I couldn’t help but get curious since I haven’t tried kamjatang (감자탕) yet so I immediately…

  • diarydaynadinepostigo
    Did you know that January 14 = Diary Day?
    January 14, 2015, No comments

    Did you give or receive a new diary on January 14? If you didn’t know yet then here’s a new fun fact, January 14 is Diary Day in Korea. It is the first ‘14th holiday’ for the year in Korea. Couples mostly exchange new…

  • 20140427_142818
    Pet Alley of Dongdaemun Traditional Market
    December 22, 2014, No comments

    Dongdaemun, is there any place like it in the world? Set in the middle of this concrete city is a district of Seoul that sprawls out housing every kind of store one could ever image. From huge mega malls and midnight wholesale…

  • Star Finder Optical
    Love your eyes, the Korean style!
    December 19, 2014, No comments

    Nowadays, many people who need glasses to correct their vision would take into consideration the style of the frames they choose. In the Korean entertainment scene, we see many Korean artists use glasses as a fashion…