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  • LKFF 2013
    London Korean Film Festival 2013
    November 4, 2013, No comments

    2013 sees the 8th London Korean Film Festival and sees the Korean Culture Centre UK continue their hard work in bringing some of South Korea’s cinema best to London screens. From 7th November to 15 November 2013…

  • Korean food is becoming more and more popular in Canada.
    Korean Food in Canada
    August 16, 2013, No comments

    If you follow my posts on here, in which case hi Mom, then you may remember I recently went back to Canada for the first time since 2008. One thing I was looking forward to during that trip was trying the Korean food that was…

  • Looking down on the heart of Edmonton, you can see Whyte Avenue directly below, just to the right of the wing, and downtown Edmonton to the right. The University of Alberta is a little more upwards, contained in that one bend in the river.
    Experiencing reverse culture shock in Canada
    August 1, 2013, No comments

    Returning to Canada last month, I anticipated feelings of culture shock, and I kept track of my encounters with culture shock in my own hometown. Culture shock is a condition of disorientation or total detachment brought…

  • My cats interrupted this photo shoot and ended up loving lounging on the floor all over my CDs.
    On-air with Korean independent music
    June 30, 2013, No comments

    A few weeks ago I visited Edmonton, my hometown, for the first time since 2008. One of my goals for the trip was to reconnect with CJSR FM88, my old university radio station where I used to DJ from maybe 1998 to 2003. They offered…

  • canada-kihopark2
    International Experience Canada: Working Holiday
    June 28, 2013, No comments

    * This post is written by Kiho Park, one of the Korea Blog’s Worldwide Korea Bloggers 2013.  While growing up in Ontario, Canada since 1998, I was fascinated by the sheer number of ethnic Koreans in my neighborhood,…

  • 111
    Five Authors from Korea and the U.S. reunite in NY
    January 25, 2012, No comments

    * This post is written by 정재경 and translated by Karin Yoo for the Korean Cultural Service in New York. Five Authors from Korea and the U.S. reunite in New York: KLTI U.S Forum “Meet the Authors” On October 28th,…