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May 29, 2015
Firstly some brief history about Mukho Lighthouse. It is guarding the ships & boats since June 8, 1963. Mukho port was opened in August 1941 for fishing & trading coal. Streets where quiet empty & environment…

Hangang Parks In Seoul !!

April 16, 2015, No comments

Hangang Parks are located on the river banks of the Hangang River that flows through Seoul. There are 12 parks that make up the Hangang Parks. In 1982 ...


Share Your Creative Ideas on Developing Tourism in Korea – For Expats

October 8, 2014, No comments

Your innovative ideas can help us better prepare for the future of Korean tourism. What do you think Korea should do to differentiate itself from the ...


Free walking tour of Seoul hosted by the Northeast Asian History Foundation

October 6, 2014, No comments

The Northeast Asian History Foundation will be providing a free walking tour of Seoul to foreign English teachers that teach at Korean elementary, mid ...

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    Finalists : Worldwide Korea Bloggers 2014
    April 4, 2014, No comments

    Congratulations! We had a difficult time in deliberating the finalists. This year we exceeded our goal of choosing 20 people and have chosen more to join us. Each and every applicant has different experiences and motivations…