Muuido Camping

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This is something I’ve wanted to do since before I came to Korea! Camping on Muui Island is a very popular weekend excursion for foreigners living near Seoul. And it was such a fun time!! The not so fun part: Getting there. Once you get to Incheon Airport, go out exit 7 from the departures floor. Then take bus 222 or 2-1 to the ferry terminal. Pay ₩3,000 for a round-trip ferry ticket. Once on Muuido, take the bus to Hanagae Beach. (All buses take T-Money.) Pay a ₩2,000 beach fee and then you’re set! You can bring a tent and camp for free or rent a hut that sleeps four for ₩30,000 (plus a ₩10,000 key deposit).

We had a good group of about 20 people. We spent most of the day chilling on the beach. Talking, drinking, snacking, sunbathing, napping, tossing a football…

One super cool thing we witnessed was a hovercraft! It drove on sand, mud, and water! We were memorized.

Walking on the mud flats was also pretty cool. It was super squishy! We saw lots of sea creatures and Koreans collecting seafood for their dinner that night. We collected seashells instead. 

After awhile we were hungry, so we fired up the grill for an early dinner of kebabs and sausages!

As the sun started to go down, we played a few games of cards and Uno.

Next it was time for some music. Daniel was on the mandolin and Nate played the guitar. Shalita was the lead singer with Matt and Sairah as backup vocalists. Kyle also wowed us with his dance moves. The band played original songs such as Lady Gaga, Katie, Leslie, and Buffalo Badass.

We ended the night roasting s’mores around the bonfire. And there was also skinny dipping… But I’ll spare you those photos!

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