Yeosu Expo : Climate & Environment Pavilion

Written by on June 28, 2012 in Worldwide Korea Bloggers

This was probably one of the most enjoyable pavilions. There are warnings posted outside about the drop in temperature and they’re not kidding!

First you will enter a room they try to keep sealed as the temperature is quite frosty like being inside a walk in fridge. There is a short movie about the earth that becomes sick by a pollution monster attacking it. A cloud figure will fight back and helps make the face on the earth healthy and smile again.

Next we are led to a glass door with frost on it to the biggest surprise. There is a long ice tunnel and the temperature has dropped again now to below zero. There are blowing winds and large wet flurries. The ground is even slippery with slush from the wet snow.

For many people not used to cold climate this can be quite a shock. People were screaming almost terrified by the snowflakes or the sight of them settling on their hair and shoulders.

The tunnel leads to an open chamber again below zero so similar to a walk in freezer. You hear more shreaks and screams from people not used to this wanting to get out.

Having lived in Toronto this would be like running out to my car without my coat so not that unusual of an experience. However, it is fun watching everyone else’s reaction.

There is a short movie projected onto the snow of two polar bears playing and rolling in the arctic. We then go into the final hall which is back at normal room temperature. With the analogy of running out to your car this would be like running back inside the house to warmth.

I cant remember what this movie was about, but it didnt matter. We had already experience the best parts of this pavilion which was the fridge room and the arctic freezer room with the blowing wind and snow.


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