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Basic SidesOmlete SideI don’t know about you but I am always looking for new places to grab something to eat.  I have been trying to go to new places each time I go out.  Today I found another great place, Kimchi Zip.


Of course, from the name you know this place specializes in kimchi.


The main dishes all revolve around “old” kimchi.  Old kimchi is kimchi that has been aged for 3 or more years.  Usually this kimchi has a more sour taste to it but creates a wonderful taste when cooked.

Free seaweed, goes well with the rice

Refillable riceKimchi Zip offers a nice menu to suit anyones needs.  The stews were awesome.  I did not find it spicy at all.  They have a good amount of side dishes as well as offering unlimited refills of rice and kimchi for your stew.

The prices were very reasonable for the amount of food.  Today, it was 24,000 won for two people.  We left feeling stuffed.  It’s a great place to try something new.  The menu did not have English descriptions but it did have pictures.  If you can not read or speak Korean you can just point to the picture and size that you want.


Samgyup Kimchi Jigae

This place is very close to Seo Hyeon station.  If you have been here for a while, it is located in the old Chuncheon Dukgalbi Restaurant place.  For those of you unfamiliar with that place, coming out of AK plaza on the Zara side, walk up to the GS 25 and turn right.  It is down that alley on the right.

They also have locations throughout Korea, from Seoul to Busan.  If you can read Korean their website has the menu and locations.

Sorry the menu pictures are not really clear, but they show the choices which come with rice and the omlete.  Just choose which one looks good to you and a rice per person and you will be set~~

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