What’s your new plan(ner) and calendar for 2013?

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Are you a super diligent and organized person who has everything prepared as the New Year rolls in? Or are you the other kind of person (like me) who is startled by how fast the New Year has made its appearance?
I always say the New Year officially starts with Lunar New Year (this year it falls a bit late on February 10th). It allows you time to recuperate from the Year End holidays and festivities, while giving you a grasp of what New Year’s resolutions you can really stick with.

Some of my planners over the years

Despite my being late in acknowledging the presence of the New Year, it does not mean I’m unorganized, though. I am extremely fastidious about planning and recording things, so for me, a calendar and planner/diary are essential for everyday living. I do use the digital options: on my laptop, on my mobile; but I also need to put things down on paper with ink in the old fashioned way. It’s usually around this time of year when I start, because huge discount sales go on for the New Year’s planners and diaries. What you would have paid full price two weeks ago would now be at 30%~50% off. I usually take advantage of this and keep my diary notes only in digital form until I purchase a new planner during these sales.

In Korea, the English word “diary” (다이어리) and planner are usually inter-used, although most of the time it would be more diary than planner. Some people I know would set up their schedules and do their “planning” on their mobiles while writing down the actual events which happened in their “diaries”. (FYI: A true diary, i.e. a detailed written account of the daily events, would be called by the Korean word, “일기”.)

Super Junior calendar comes with chicken

Now, about getting a new diary/planner and calendar for 2013: there are so many brands to choose from! Not counting the complimentary calendars you get with purchasing other products, for example, a K-pop star calendar for the fried chicken franchise they endorse; or the logo embedded company planners they expect you to use at business meetings, Korea is a stationery paradise with more choices than your wallet can handle.

“Infinite Challenge” calendar, planner, poster set.
Photo courtesy of d&shop

The most popular calendar and planner selling in Korea are probably those of the variety show “Infinite Challenge” (무한도전) featuring photos of the show and its members. All profits from sales go to charity so it gives more incentive in purchasing them. You can have a full year of laughs hanging on your wall or sitting on your desk.

And then, inescapably, there is the overabundance of cute:

Cute knit cover diaries by Toffeenut

Hong2 & dding9’s bunny character theme

“Secret Operation” army themed diary by Jokooman

Animal friends from Main Street

Rabbitami’s calendar

Snake year calendar from Chachap

Polka dot zip-up diary from Barunson

Pony Brown planners in pink

The artistic and creative:

Calendar by artist Yook Shim Won

Moi-natural’s easel calendar

Kori’s story in Paris by Unipics

Eco-friendly message in rEDCLOUDY’s calendar

Multi-useful calendar from MAKEECO

Cartoonist Smilebrush’s diary and planner

Weekly planner from UnR Korea

Paint calendar from EmotionºF Design

Imagine’s character diary

Ooh La La No 2 series

The simple:

Red oak mini calendar by Design Happy

Monopoly offers multicolored planner choices

Plaid covered pocket planners by organic brand Origo

“Table Talk” calendar by Antenna Shop

Smiley diary from Vroom

Basic and simple from Yangjisa

The traditional :

Palace calendar by Earthoo

Hanbok and other traditional items in Somssi’s calendar

Syscom & Ytt Art Gallery’s folk painting calendar

Nivy’s stylized Korean dress theme planner set

The non-product endorsing, star version:

TVXQ, K-pop kings

Last, but certainly not least, the K-drama calendar made by KOCIS. I love this one. It’s currently in my living room.

A year of K-dramas

There are also the personalized calendars you can make through various stationery services, and designs offered by illustrators/artists/cartoonists from their personal websites. As I’ve said before, there really are many selections out there.
All the above brands and others may be purchased at the stationery department of major bookstores, specialty stationery and gift shops, museums and art galleries, and online shops. Happy shopping and happy planning!

Major bookstores

Stationery and design product shops
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