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Launched on January 31, 2011, the Korea Blog, an affiliate of run by the Korean Culture and Information Service, is on its third adventure through the Korea-related blogosphere in 2013.

The Korea Blog is open to a wide variety of Korea-related topics: everyday life, food, language, history, music, celebrities, fashion, cosmetics, dramas, films, travel, literary reviews, personal anecdotes, product reviews, how-to advice with reports on all things Korean found here in Korea or abroad.

Launch of the 1st year of Worldwide Korea Bloggers in 2011

Launch of the 2nd year of Worldwide Korea Bloggers in 2012

We have had two teams of renowned bloggers that have contributed greatly in content and spirit. As each team was commissioned for only one year, we are now on the search for individuals that have the passion and dedication for promoting Korean culture though blogging; writers, photographers, videographers, and avid users of social networking mediums like Facebook, Twitter, et cetera, are welcome here. Consider this as an opportunity to share your perspective on Korea with a global audience!

We aim to act as an online community to work in collaborative, creative ways to reach and grow Korea fans all over the globe by creating and introducing captivating content that best reflects the Korea of today, in everyday life, while showcasing the essence of Korea’s cultural heritage in a contemporary perspective. Since we have a considerable amount of readers from the US, Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, and the UK, feel free to expand our horizons!

If you wish to join our adventure through 2013 as part of our Korea Blog team through written or visual content, apply now!

Best WKB bloggers on a tour of Seoul and Jeju in 2011

Best WKB bloggers on a tour of Yeosu Expo in 2012

Best WKB bloggers on a tour of Jeonju in 2012

1. Guidelines

1) Qualifications

(1) Non-Koreans

– Individuals living abroad or in Korea (group bloggers may enter individually)

– Ability to communicate and write in English concisely (ability to conduct research in Korean is a plus)

– Running a personal blog, having regular content published online, or actively participating in social media networks by spreading quality content to an interactive network of friends/followers

– Interested in Korean arts, culture, lifestyle, brands, IT, or travel with a public track record (blog/Facebook posts or tweets etc) to show that you have been actively producing relevant online content

– Committed and responsible, able to meet deadlines

– Ability to take quality videos and/or photos, or ability to illustrate or draw cartoons will be a plus

– Must be available by email, phone, or other SNS tools

(2) Ethnic Koreans, preferably living in Korea for the given period

– Must be able to read, write, and speak English, otherwise communicate precisely with a global audience without additional linguistic aid

– Be able to invest time and effort to plan and engage in blog management, offline activities, as well as the activities listed above (we plan to delegate some administrative features to bilingual candidates)

– Will be subject to a phone interview if needed

(3) Preferential treatment will be given to:

– Joint applications from team/groups of Korean college students and international students

– Applicants with extensive blog related programming/hosting experience and/or knowledge


2) Application

(1) Deadline: 6:00pm Friday, April 26, 2013.  Extended to May 26, 2013.

Meanwhile keep sending us applications, they will be reviewed on  a first come first served basis. (Korean Standard Time, GMT + 9)

(2) Process

①      Download, fill out the application form attached below, and send it to, no later than the deadline mentioned above. Group bloggers should individually fill out application forms and send them together as e-mail attachments.

②      Make the posts and traffic to your blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts public. We will review them all in the selection process.

③      A total number of 50 bloggers living in or outside of Korea will be chosen to join this year to join the existing members and will be contacted by e-mail after the final announcement to finalize the selection process. Failure to reply back with an acceptance note within a given period of time stated in the announcement may result in loss of this position.

④      Leave a comment under the event page on our Facebook account (Korea Clickers) to ensure that we have received your application.

2) Final Announcement

Successful candidates will be announced under the “Notice” on the Korea Blog on Wednesday May 29, 2013.


2. Terms

1) Activity period: June 2013 to May 2014

2) Expectations

(1) Certificate of Appointment as a Worldwide Korea Blogger and an icon banner for your own blog or website indicating your affiliation will be issued to each individual.

(2) Each blogger will send monthly proposals for prior approval and publish at least one post per month. However, the blog administrator has full discretion to choose topics, suggest edits, change content, and decide on the publication of each post.

(3) [Benefits] Monthly evaluation of posts and SNS activity will add up to a possible invitation to a familiarization tour to Korea for five of the top performers (the exact destination and other details will be determined later this year).

3) Other merits

(1) Bloggers residing in Korea will have an opportunity to participate in offline meet-ups

(2) Occasional gifts will be sent out

(3) Participating bloggers will receive a note of gratitude recognizing their hard work during the given period.

(4) Select bloggers will get automatic renewal for the following year.


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    Application Form for Worldwide Korea Bloggers

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