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Alpha Art Association is a project-based group consisting of art enthusiasts who have previously held events in the UK, but next month sees the AAA hosting a very special event in Seoul, South Korea! Check it out:

Firstly, we are very pleased to present the short film One Fine Day (directed by Ingeun Kim) again,
which was screened last December in London. Along with that, another unique film,
Bincent created by the camera director of Kim’s film, Changwoo Ryu, will be screened for the
first time at the venue, Artist House in Seoul.
If, by chance you are in Seoul on that day, please come, enjoy the films, and have a cup of English tea!
Oh, don’t worry about the language barrier. We will help you break it through with English subtitles.

– Alpha Art Association

Event details:

_ Short Film Screening <One Fine Day> <Bincent> : <화창한 날> <빈센트> 단편영화 상영
Sat. 8 Jun 2013 4pm : 2013년 6월 8일 (토) 오후 4시
Artist House (Subway Line #4, Hyehwa Stn. Exit #3) : 예술가의 집(지하철 4호선 혜화역 2번 출구)
Multi-purpose room : 다목적실

They will be screening One Fine Day 화창한 날 by Artist Ingeun Kim which had it’s premiere screening in London last December, along with the debut of another unique film, Bincent created by the camera director of One Fine Day, Changwoo Ryu. Ingeun Kim is currently at the London Royal College of Art working towards a MA in Visual Communication and his first short film portrays the life of a Korean artist living and working in London. One Fine Day gives us a rare and different insight into the life of an artist. This artist is not pretentious or too hipster for the world, he appears to be your standard guy, just like the rest of us trying to get on with life. Through Ingeun Kim’s subjective point of view, we see the internal frustration and intricate relationships with art and people. What it’s like to be a creative mind and the pressures of being surrounded by trendy cool people always questioning everything. Check out the quirky and endearing trailer HERE.

Kim’s work has been described as unpretentious and after having a little nose around his website: we can see why. Kim’s pieces are on trend but not in a way that makes you feel you should be fluent in the language of all things modern art to understand. His pieces are simple yet powerful and loaded with emotions; pieces you could spend all day staring at as you try to decipher the meaning.

This event will also be treating audiences to the premier screening of Changwoo Ryu’s Bincent. Judging from the trailer which you can see HERE, it also touches on the subject of living in London. Featuring some very iconic images of London including a City of Westminster rubbish truck! The camera work already looks very picturesque and it looks like he took full advantage of all the amazing snow the UK got last winter!

Changwoo Ryu is currently living in London and works mainly with photography. The images he captures, particularly of London are very unique and almost look foreign to us Londoners as he sees the city with a very different and refreshing eye. His photos almost have an nostalgic feel to them because of the amazingly rich colours, reminiscent of our childhood holiday snaps. Make sure you check out his amazing snaps here: Changwoo Ryu began photographing with cameras from the iconic Leica label which may be why his photos have a very old-school feel to them as he still carries that film photography mindset with him into today’s very different and almost sterile world of digital photography. It will be very interesting to see how he transfers his photographic eye to his own film project.

This is a great chance to see the work of UK based Korean artists so to all our friends in Seoul, don’t miss out on seeing a bit of London in South Korea! It will be very interesting to see the perception of London through South Korean eyes and learn of their living experiences. We at Korean Class Massive caught the premier of One Fine Day in London and we thought it was a very nice and sincere piece. You will no doubt be in for a very wonderfully chilled out and arty afternoon! You can read our review of One Fine Day HERE and you can find a interview with artist Ingeun Kim by Mr Hangeul Celluloid HERE.

The event is free and they are even offering a cup of English tea for a truly London experience. Both films will carry English subtitles so don’t worry about the language barrier! To keep up to date make sure you check out and join the Facebook event page!

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