Finalists : 2013 Worldwide Korea Bloggers

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We had such a difficult time in deliberating the finalists.

Each and every applicant has different experiences and motivations of joining this team. Some are fine-tuned expert bloggers, some are hobby bloggers and there are even some very young beginners, however what makes everyone special is that everyone has a passion for Korea!  We at the Korea Blog will try our best to help you gain opportunities to match your caliber in writing. Please try to treat each other with great respect since we are all gathered here to share experiences and promote this country called KOREA!

Hopefully everyone is ready to start writing! Please do start on the three subjects mentioned in your application. Further guidelines will be made available in the e-mail.

Please keep a lookout for the acceptance e-mail (will send tomorrow) and make sure to reply back!

Thank you for all the support you’ve shown us!

– Korea Blog Admin


*Names are in no particular order.

Dorothea Suh
Mimsie Ladner
Lindsey Muraoka
Liesbeth Coosemans
Maria Margareta Samosir
Daniel Nur Sentana
Alexandra Popescu
Aalou Dedal
Ana Park
Joanna Darnley
Asif Quadri
Michelle Camille Correa
Hallie Bradley
Vincenzo Acampora
Shanna Tan
Damian Jia Cheng Koh
Gisela Verdin
Kristen Nicole Boney
Sinem Betul Canikli
Julinette Guadalupe
Timea Ildiko Baksa
Yamuna Nedunsediyan
Huidrom Renuka
Nicholas Paul
Maria Camerotto
Andy Tebay
Nikola Medimorec
Michael Aronson
Christian Joy Reyes-Ocampo
Riahi Chayma
Tan Hiang Tiang
Rosa Capitao
Kiho Park
Jun Duong
Robert Dunning
Nicholas Paul
Jo-Anna Lynch
Annabel Harrison
Ema Ho
Sarah Yates
Dale Quarrington

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