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living with a Korean family
The household I’m living with exists out of a mother & father and their two sons. Of course, living with a Korean family, I eat Korean food 3 times a day. Sometimes the family buys bread for me for if I would be missing Western food. Which honestly, I don’t. Except Cheese, I miss cheese. A lot. But luckily, apart from that Korean food has all my taste buds satisfied. From salty sesame leaves wrapped around rice to spicy tofu. All the side dishes are diverse in flavour & colourful. These days we usually eat; rice with beans, mushroom-mix  with sesame seeds, some ice cold soup with paprika & cucumber (perfect for a hot Korean summer), all kinds of kimchi, all kinds of salads. I quickly noticed that the family doesn’t eat that much meat or fish, usually it’s only served in small portions. Their diet is very balanced and really healthy 
The mother always makes sure the refrigerator is stocked with tons of containers filled with all her delicious cooking. Our freezer is spilling over with all types of dumplings and ice cream.  But this is a Korean family so besides that,  we also have an extra freezer exclusively for kimchi. It’s pretty clear I’m being spoiled! The mother definitely takes good care of her family.
One night at four o’clock, when I was half asleep and stumbling my way to the bathroom. I found the mother & her two sons sitting at the dinner table having a meal. She had just prepared them a little snack after they returned home late. 
Now you know, you can’t get much more comfortable than when a Korean mum looks after you.
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