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Yay for art & music at the Yogiga gallery

This July I had the chance to participate in an artshow organised by CrazyMultiply. This project was founded by Olivia McNair, Laura MacDonald and Amy Smith. If you were curious for more you’re at the right place.

How did the idea to start organizing these events come up?

Laura, Olivia & Amy: Crazy Multiply started from a desire to show our own work. It began with the intention to do a small art show with a friend who was leaving Korea. Amy’s roommate at the time was in a band and she suggested that we add the music element. Ursula Burgess came up with the art show/concert concept. The first show went well so we decided to do another. Our following shows were more about curating and working around a theme. We didn’t originally plan on starting a collective but after doing a few shows we realized that we were one so we gave it a name- Crazy Multiply.

What is your personal relation to art/music?

Amy: My arts training is in theater, so in the past drawing and painting were things I did for myself or as part of costume or set design work. Theater, not all but the kind I enjoy making, requires people and a rehearsal space. I didn’t have access to those things when I first came to Korea, so drawing and painting naturally became the predominant way I made art. I became involved with museums and galleries in Seoul and continued drawing and painting with no intention of showing what I made. Over time I realized that making art in a vacuum closed me off to the conversations and collaborations I enjoyed in theater so I started to look for ways to show my work. Curating with Crazy Multiply satisfies the desire to start a conversation using art and to connect with other artists.
Laura: For me, art has always been an interest. I was one of those children that was happier with blank paper than coloring books (though I’d never say no to a coloring book! Haha)
Art classes led me to appreciate more technical aspects of art, and provided me the oportunity to experiment with an assortment of media.
For too long in Seoul, I was letting my creative side lay dormant. After making that realization, I got more involved in both the art and music scenes here. Crazy Multiply has been driving that involvement, and I couldn’t be happier to be involved with this project!
Olivia: Art has always been really important in my life. I’m really lucky because I had the chance to go to school to do something I love so much. During school, I worked and volunteered at a few art galleries in the little town I lived in. These were very valuable experiences to me, I learned so much. Art is a wonderful way to interact with the world – you can do anything with it.

Any personal recommendations in the art & music world of South Korea?

Amy: Lee Ufan, Osang Gwon, and Tallur L.N. (born in India works in Seoul) are my current favorite non-Crazy Multiply artists.
Laura: Some bands that I really enjoy seeing around Seoul are Les Sales, Dead Buttons, Table People, Eastern Sidekick, The Kitches, Henry Demos, Love X Stereo, Lions on the Beach and Cat Navy. My main reccomendation though, is to get out there and see for yourself!
Olivia: So many people are doing amazing things here in Seoul – I agree with Laura, the best thing to do is to get out there and explore it for yourself.

What goal do you want to reach with this organisation?

Amy: We want to expand the kind of art we show, reach a wider audience, connect with more artists, facilitate collaborations between artists and musicians, have more performance based work at our shows, work with artists to create new work specifically for our shows.
We very much appreciate that the artists who are involved in the show put a lot of time and money into what they create. We are a not for profit group and one day we would love to not just pay for gallery space and show expenses, but to cover the cost of making the art that we show or to commission work from artists.
Laura: A goal of Crazy Multiply is to bring together the work of local and international artists and musicians in a fun and engaging environment.
Olivia: We want to facilitate how people understand and appreciate art in our community.

Thank you!

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my work.

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drawings & sculptures by Park Chan Seok // painting by Olivia McNair // the band Dongmyo police box

I wish I thought about taking pictures before the bands started playing, because the cosy basement became pretty crowded. I don’t have that many decent pictures of the event. But you can check out theYogiga site and keep an eye out for the ladies of CrazyMultiply , they have been hosting events for a while now and are planning to do more in the future! Check out their facebook page. Have a great weekend! (Here it is raining like crazy all day, everyday, and I’m enjoying it way too much)

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