The J-Bug Museum

Written by on March 1, 2011 in Arts

With warmer temperatures a fact of everyday life in Seoul these days, the time is right to start enjoying the weather outside. One of my favorite places to enjoy the fresh air is the Han River.  With its numerous parks and walking trails, one can have a great day outdoors and never need to head inside… unless there’s a museum along the way. If you happen to be walking the north bank of the river and come across Ttukseom Resort Station, you’ll find such an attraction.

My wife and I stumbled upon the Jabeolle or J-Bug Museum this past winter and fell in love with it. The facility got its name from the shape of the structure – a large J-shaped tube. It houses several hundred pieces of art that are rotated each quarter. This feature is welcomed, since one can visit numerous times throughout the year and always see something new. When we visited this lovely place, the pictures told the story of all the parks along the Han, making us long for warm summer days.

Entrance to the museum and gallery can be made from street-level or Ttukseom Resort Station itself. If you’re spending the day along the Han, I really recommend taking a half-hour or more to visit the art works here and enjoy a drink in the café. It makes for a great break and the view of the river is amazing. If you time it right, you can catch the sun dropping behind the Seoul skyline.

For more information, contact the Korean Tourism Information line at (02)-1330. The Jabeolle is open every day from 10am to midnight. Admission is free.

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