10 Jeju Flight Tips

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Travelling is exciting when things go smooth.  I hope the following tips will be useful to travellers travelling from Seoul, Gimpo Airport to Jeju Airport for the first time.

First, if you travel to Gimpo Airport by A’REX (Airport Railroad) or subway, take the direction that brings you to the Domestic Airport.  Gimpo Airport is connected domestically and internationally, unless Incheon Airport which serves only international routes.

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Second, if you think that Jeju Air is the only domestic flight to Jeju, then you are in for a big surprise.  They are at least 6 domestic airlines that are connected to Jeju.  Jeju Air can easily be spotted by their bright orange logo.  Counter staff mostly are able to converse in English and are helpful too.

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Third, this flimsy-looking piece of paper is your air ticket.  Do not lose it.  Key info is available in English too.

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Fourth, check-in is 40mins prior to flight departure.  Unlike international flights which require you to appear 2 hours ahead for the thorough check-in process.  Checking in for domestic flights is quite straight forward.  As there flight frequency is very high, the counter may not attend to you if you show up too early.

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Fifth, observe the baggage allowance.  Maximum allowance for check-in luggage is 15kg while for hand-carry, it is 10kg.  The weighing scale is placed right before the boarding gate for passengers to check their hand-carry baggage’s weight.  Nonetheless, a point to note is penalty for excess baggage charge for Jeju Air isn’t that bad…. 2000 won per kg.


Sixth, Jeju is a small island and strong coastal wind may cause some difficulty during landing.  Hold tight to your seat, relax and just smile.

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Seventh, the situation faced at departure from Jeju Airport is quite different from arrival to Jeju.  The queue at the departure gate starts to form quite early.  I was puzzled their enthusiasm to board the plane.  But I finally why after I passed the departure gate.  Read on…


Eighth, the flight does not take off from the departure gate itself!  The passengers need to take a shuttle bus to the flight.  The queue was formed early so as to get a seat on the shuttle bus!

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Nineth, here’s how you board the Jeju Air flight from Jeju!  Pray for good weather and manage your luggage load.  It is quite cumbersome to move your luggage from bus to plane if it is huge and heavy!

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Finally and most importantly, book your tickets early to enjoy great discount which can be as much as 65%!

Wishing you a pleasant journey! *J^


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