The Sea Diamond: Haegeumgang

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Haegeumgang, 해금강, is the Sea Diamond off the coast of Geoje Island. Originally called Galdo as it looks like the stretching roots of the arrowroot, the islands shoots up 116 meters into the sky and used to be covered in herbs. It had so many herbs that 3,000 people along with Seo Bul visited the island in search of herbs of immortality for the Emperor of China. Boats leave from a port shared with the fisherman called Jangseungpo. Tourists are taken out of the port between two light houses and into the dark blue ocean, where, depending on how choppy the water is, people could stand out on the narrow deck for thirty minutes on the way over to the rocks enjoying the open seas, or stay inside until they arrive.HaegeumgangHaegeumgang

Haegeumgang consists of two islands in the Hallyeo Marine National Park off the south coast of Korea and was designated as the Natural Asset No. 2 in 1971. The area isn’t just popular with tourists, fisherman head to this area to catch rock fish in the spring, sea bream, parrot fish, and bass in the summer and black porgy in the fall and winter. The fishermen here are serious and the most keen can be spotted sitting precariously on the rocks having been dropped off by a boat in the morning with only their fishing rods, reels and bait to accompany them for the day.HaegeumgangHaegeumgang

The boat takes tourists around the rocks and inside the Shipjagul Cave. Shipjagul, 십자굴, means “cross” in Korean and is fitting as the cave looks like a cross when seen from above. The boat  slowly enters the cave in the center of Haegeumgang that stretches 100 meters from east to west and 180 meters from south to north. After a few minutes inside swaying back and forth between the high narrow rocky walls the captain of the boat puts the motors in reverse and slowly backs out to the open blue waters once more to continue the tour.Haegeumgang

Below are the Bride and Groom Rocks, or the Candle Holder Rocks, called so because in high tide the tallest rock supposedly “looks like a groom  welcoming his bride on a pony”, according to the Geoje tourist guide.  Multiple rocks around the islands have names telling you what they depict and some of the fun of the tour is trying to find them or just seeing what you see.HaegeumgangHaegeumgangThe original post was published on The Soul of Seoul. This article cannot be republished unless authorized.

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