The World Traditional Medicine Fair & Festival

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Donguibogam Village in Sancheon-gun is surrounded by Mt. Jirisan, Mt. Jarakwangsan, and Mt. Palbongsan, a spot widely known to be highly spiritual and full of energy and because of this was chosen as the perfect location for the World Traditional Medicine Fair & Festival. The festival is the first of its kind and is a place for the exchange of information on natural practices and products that will enhance human health. This festival is also in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the publication of Donguibogam, meaning “Treasured Mirror of Eastern Medicine”, an ancient Korean medical book compiled by the royal physician Heo Jun first published in 1613.

The festival is held for 45 days and ends this month on October 20th. Before it ends make sure you visit in order to experience a wide array of activities from not only Korea, but countries all over the world under the theme of “Traditional Medicine: Greater Treasure for the Future”.The World Traditional Medicine Fair & Festival

Of particular interest to visitors is the Vitality, or Gi, Experience Hall. Here guests can take part in meditations and Gi exercises as they follow an instructor. There are signs in both English and Korean provided for more information. Also near the hall are three rocks: Seokgyeong, Gwigamseok, and Bokseokjeong, where visitors can add to their “Gi”. While visiting these rocks, guests rub their hands, their foreheads and maybe even their whole bodies on the rock to soak up as much energy as they can. It’s quite a sight and quite an experience to partake in for some extra revitalization.The World Traditional Medicine Fair & FestivalThe World Traditional Medicine Fair & FestivalThe World Traditional Medicine Fair & Festival

Also of interest is the Healing Town of Donguibongam. Visitors can get a personal analysis after filling out a survey and undergo different kinds of therapies based on the answers given. Therapies may include acupuncture, a medicinal herbal steam, or cupping and this particular town will remain after the end of the expo for those wishing to have a rest and experience healing therapies in a comforting setting in the mountains.The World Traditional Medicine Fair & Festival

1.7 million people from around the world are expected to visit the fair and festival for these and other activities included in the expo. Along with the healing experiences available there are also pavilions devoted to herbal and natural medicines from around the world, cultural performances, a foot spa outside in the forest and a museum devoted to the original texts of the Donguibogam.

If that wasn’t enough the setting itself provides gorgeous views of mountain peaks, fields of flowers, deer and caves to explore. There is something for everyone at this expo and it provides an outstanding amount of information for those wishing to learn more about natural healing and remedies.The World Traditional Medicine Fair & FestivalThe World Traditional Medicine Fair & Festival

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