Autumn Rail-Biking Along Seomjingang River

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Seomjingang River, one of the four major rivers in Korea, starts from Imsil and  Sunchang. It merges with several bodies of water in Gokseong-gun, Gurye and  Hadong before flowing into the South Sea.  With the cool weather, rail-biking is one way to enjoy the scenic Seomjingang River scenery, in Gokseong County.


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Rail biking is a self-powered pedal vehicle and runs on railroad tracks.  Work in a pair or 2 pairs, and it is great fun for family and friends.  The rail bike starts from Chimgok Station and ends at Gajeong Station.  Enjoy the gentle breeze as you pedal through the rail road, which is approximately 5.1km long between the 2 points.


Enjoying the clear, blue skies… as a safety precaution, we were asked to keep a distance from the vehicle ahead.  On the vehicle, there is a small storage area for bags and stuff but it is definitely not big enough to keep big items!


Views of Seomjingang River.  Clear river water runs through peacefully, quietly and slowly…



Roads are clear, no messy congestions, no honks, no hurry ~ we are in a slow city.


Riders take our time too ~ enjoy the cool wind, savour the moments with nature, have a chat with your partner, crack some jokes, take turns to pedal the vehicle…. that’s how life should be.


Reality sets in as we end the tranquillity of the Seomjingang River Rail Bike but memories stay.

Our destination was the Gajeong Train Station.  Around the station, there are a number of restaurants, temples, markets and pensions too.  It is possible to stay over for a night or two at the vicinity of the Gajeong Station. and be embraced by the serenity of the beauty train town.

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