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Coming up on the 4th-6th November in London is the ‘Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo 2013‘, a packed expo aiming to explore business opportunities between South Korea and Europe and to build common ground in Culture and I.T Creative industries. This Expo will encourage exchange between Europe and South Korea with a huge range of different exhibitions and activities displaying many of South Korea’s exciting exports from fashion and product designs to gadgets! Taking place at Old Billingsgate, in East London, this expo is open to everyone and a great opportunity for the UK public and industries to see what South Korea has to offer.


Date and Time:

4th November to 6th November 10:00 to 17:00


Old billingsgate, 1, Old billingsgate Walk, 16 Lower Thames Street,
London EC3R 6DX
Detailed travel info can be found here


Ground Floor

  • Companies – CJ E&M, Bibigo
  • Korean Creative Content Pavilion – Showcasing Korea’s creative media industry and its future through major animation, music and special effects technologies
  • Korea Design, Now & Future – Showing design products pursuing ergonomics, human interface, and future-proofing, including robotics, IT and interior furniture
  • RE;CODE – Fashion exhibition
  • Inno Design Hall – A neo-classical approach to re-imagine Korean traditional design
  • Korean Garden by Hwang Jihae – Korea Garden designed by Gardener Hwang Jihae, winner of two Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medals and the RHS President’s

Vault (Basement)

  • Arts Council Korea Hall (ARKO) – Online and virtual reality exhibition of contemporary artists’ works
  • Crystallize: New Media Art Lb UK & KOREA – Visual art by Korean and British artists ranging from paintings to installations


Time D1 (Mon, 4th Nov)
Business & Public Day
D2 (Tue, 5th Nov)
Business & Public Day
D3 (Wed, 6th Nov)
Public Day
All Day Kpop Hologram Concert
more info
1:1 Business Meetings
Kpop Hologram Concert
more info
1:1 Business Meetings
Kpop Hologram Concert- more info
Exhibitions1:1 Business Meetings
(Only for Buyers)
Congratulatory Ceremony
(Opening Ceremony)
More details below
11:30 – 12:00
Special Event
More details below
Exhibitions1:1 Business Meetings
(Only for Buyers)
13:30 – 14:30
Korean Drama Screening
(Jewel in the Palace)
15:00 – 16:20
Korean Animation Screening
(Bolt & Blip)
15:00 – 16:20
Korean Animation Screening
(Bolt & Blip)
14:30 – 15:30
Korean Percussion Quartet Performance
(Gong Myoung)


Throughout the three day period of the expo, there will be one to one business meetings and the exhibition with stalls from over 40 Korean companies looking to introduce themselves to the UK market. Korea’s government agency for trade and investiment (KOTRA) has organised this expo to serve as a direct gateway to many businesses that wish to build a lasting trade and investment relationship with Korea. Here are what to expect at the Ceremony and Events:

Tuesday 5th November 2013 – Opening Ceremony

K- Fashion Show : Creative Director – Kim Seoryong (Designer of PSY’s Gangnam Style Stage Costumes)

Korean Percussion Quartet Performance : Gong Myoung

Kpop Ambassador Ceremonial Performance : 2NE1

Wednesday 6th November

Korea Traditional Drum with Digital Ink and Wash Painting Visual Art Performance

KPOP – Due to the success of PSY last year, one of the exports that South Korea is currently pushing is Kpop and it seems to be catching on as many companies and media outlets seem to be very interested in South Korea’s unique pop music culture. So it’s very exciting to hear that this Expo will include an appearance from their Kpop Ambassador 2NE1 as well as Hologram concerts from 2NE1 and PSY. The very first Hologram concerts to take place outside of South Korea! Hologram concerts are very high tech with many of South Korea’s companies investing into the development to enable wider interaction between the Kpop industry and foreign countries. You can find out more about Hologram concerts and how to attend HERE.

GONG MYOUNG – We 100% recommend Gong Myoung, they last visited us as part of 2012’s All Eyes on Korea programme and were absolutely amazing. They will be performing at the opening ceremony and in the afternoon on Wednesday! You can read more about the quartet here and here’s a little video on the musical fun to expect!



Firstly CAFFE BENÉ will be at the Exhibition and we’re not sure but we’re hoping that they’ll have a selection of their tasty beverages on offer! South Korea is a country that love their coffees and produces some of the smoothest and most delicious iced coffees which we miss very much! CAFFE BENÉ is one of Korea’s largest coffee shop chains and having opened their 7th store in America, they are keen to expand internationally! So heres hoping some UK investors will jump on the coffee bandwagon and help bring delicious ice coffees to the UK!

Jang Geun Suk enjoying a Caffe Bene  Image from World Prince JGS

Jang Geun Suk enjoying a Caffe Bene
Image from World Prince JGS

This Expo is primarily a place for business opportunities and with over 40 companies attending, we’ve decided to categorise the companies into neat sections to help you navigate around expo. With children being our future, the largest category of this expo is Animation/Family. A number of companies which specialises in character design will be attending this expo and giving their expertise to help the UK market tap into the next generation with fun, games and educational cartoons.

With South Korea on the technological forefront, there are also a wide range of companies from the I.T/Mobile market as well as the Mobile Gaming industry along with many technology companies from Health and Fitness backgrounds. And of course it wouldn’t be Korea without a dash of Kpop with attendance from one of Korea’s largest Entertainment companies YG as well as many Fashion and Beauty companies such as Kun’s who have many Idol fans especially VIXX’s Ravi! And last but not least, the Design and Lifestyle category offering new upgraded ondol systems to traditional Korean materials getting a modern twist. This expo will give attendees a taste of the many fabulous and modern sides of South Korea.


One of Korea’s top three entertainment management agencies
– Artists include Psy, Bigbang, 2NE1, Se7en, Epik High

Produces products of several Korean stars, such as KARA, MBLAQ, Beast, 4Minute, and Kim Jeong Hoon)
– Currently working on expanding business abroad (MOU made with Hong Kong’s Multiplex in 2013)

K Culture
Magazine that specifically deals with the Korean Wave
– Began publishing a French version of the magazine in 2011
– Global partners with KBS, and distributes 50K copies to 136 countries

Video service in which actual choreographers who made the routines teach viewers how to dance K-pop
– Available on both Android phones and iPhones. Services 4 different languages.
– Holds the license for 90% of K-pop dance music
– Partnerships in Singapore and Indonesia


YG’s Girlband 2NE1 – KBEE’s Kpop Ambassadors



Leading consumer brand retailer and import brand licensee
– Consumer portfolio: PROSPECS, Jack Wolfskin, Sketchers, MontBell
– Built a strong licensing network in core regions such as Russia, Central Asia, East Europe, and North Africa

Fashion Button Accessories, Design Buttons
– Fashion accessories for men that can be fit on shirt buttons, to create various fashion looks
– Entered store in Opening Ceremony Japan (2012.09)
– Participated in Hyundai Department Store’s pop-up store(2013.05)
– Participated in the Osaka KBEE

Long lasting gel nail polish & Colored contact lenses
– Once applied, lasts at least 2 weeks; polish erasable with UV machine
– Comfortable and good quality colored contact lenses

High Quality / Highly functional Skin Care Products
– Products ranging from basic skin care to colourful make-up
– Excellent Results at the Osong Beauty Expo
– Exports products to Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.

VALOOK is a venture company with idea established in Daejeon (Chungnam National University), a city of science in Korea, in 2013 and of which growth potential based on its patent “Time display using light” was recognized by the government.
It has introduced a fashion strap ‘VALOOK’ displaying time with light instead of numbers and needles first in Korea in order to approach to the fashion industry
with its creative sense and has changed the time function of electronic device to the fashion.

Bold and funky clothes that feature the company’s main characters (i.e. SMILECAT)
– Main brands: SAKUN (Character Design Products–bags, caps, clothes), 49N(Bags), Smile Cat (Character Brand)
– Actively uses celebrity power to market its brand; many popular K-POP stars such as VIXX and Girls Day have worn the company’s apparel.
– Services international regions through its online

Kpop idols in KUN’s apparel:


OFFICE1009 – Franchise Ink Service
Provides Cartridge Ink services with branches in Shanghai and Mongolia

IT, Digital Web Service, Mobile App/Web, QR Code, etc.
Web Service, Mobile App/Web Development, QR Codes, etc.

Digital Portable DJ device : Digital Audio Player company
Portable DJ device : In 2013, signed a worldwide distribution contract with America’s Monster Group; JDSOUND’s products to be distributed throughout the USA, Europe, and Canada

Digital Mobile App Publishing Platform
Opened AppZil, an independent App market where different mobile applications can be marketed regardless of their companies /agencies – Publishes/published 3500 domestic and international mobile applications through diverse app stores worldwide

Digital Mobile App Development and Publishing
Development of Apps that are perfect fit for diverse mobile phones – provides a one-stop mobile service, from planning to publishing

JDSOUND - Digital Portable DJ device

JDSOUND – Digital Portable DJ device



Mobile Game : Produces online/smartphone games
Has partners across multiple countries; in 2010, signed a supply contract with Japan’s Nepro IT, which detailed that Intersave would supply 200 games

Mobile Game Development and Publishing
Games of diverse genres such as Stylish Sprint and Girl-Group Poker – Won the Money Today’s Best App. Provides services to 3 major mobile/communication agencies and provides games such as Rhythm Station to App Store

Animation/game and mobile app
– Adapted its main character “Nori”, a rollercoaster character, into a smartphone app (available in Appstore, Google Play Market, and Amazon.com) and an ebook
– Projects to adapt “Nori” into a 3D feature animation, and smartphone-controlled R/C are underway
– Created “The Birth of B/W Man”, which is a graphic novel and smart game feature. The game has been downloaded 300,000 times.


Fitness smartphone app for home use
– Won the Star award(Silver) at the 2012 Window 8 Microsoft App
– Ranked second among US and Canada’s healthcare apps (2011~2012)

World’s first smartphone-linked, portable body fat analyser
– Analyses your body fat, muscle mass, and metabolic rate after you type in your age/height/weight and touch the screen with your finger
– Participated in Spain’s MWC2013
– Smartphone app to be released this year

Easy-to-use Digital Wireless Digital Stethoscope for Animals

Fit.Life Inc.
Digital Device measuring user’s activity
– Measures and analyses user’s consumption of calories, MET scale(intensity of activity)

KOHEA (Korea Digital Hospital Export Agency)
Supports the export of hospitals and medical equipment
– Exports “Full Digital Hospital Packages” (high-tech hospitals that connect all digital medical equipment
– Supports various consulting services, such as building public health systems



Products such as chairs, cushions, smartphone cases, with designs inspired by the art of mentally disabled children
-Social enterprise
– Participated in the 2012 Seoul Design Festival

DPA(Design Promotion Agency)
Products with Korean traditional materials and Design Consulting
– Korean traditional materials meet Korean modern designers –> products – For example, Cups, chairs, and tables made of Bamboo trees
No website

Sells unique and cute design items
– First started off as an online store, but a surge in popularity led the company to expand offline; currently runs 17 offline stores in Korea
– Internationally distributes domestic characters such as Snowcat and Sticky Monster Lab
– Has its own eco-friendly stationary brand, “EcoBridge”

Design Design (Brochure, Catalogue, Wrapping)
– Designs various products (industrial products, visual images, web content, etc.)
– Winner of the Best Design Award in the International Public Design Competition (2009)
– Seo’s Board Game selected as Korea’s Top 100 Designs

An upgraded ondol(Korea’s traditional floor heating system) that is fuelled with solar energy
– Has “two hot water paths” that drastically increases energy efficiency
– Saves heating bills by using green technology



Creates 3D Animations and Characters
– Major animation films include Cloud Bread, The airport diary, Let’s go!! MBA, Dinoops Heroes, etc.

Creates 2D and 3D Animations, Characters
– Major animations include Woobi Boy(Well known character in Korea), Chiro(won an Audience award at the Cartoons on the Bay, broadcasted abroad), Inner Ranger, and Robocar Poli

REDROVER Cultural Contents
Producer of 3D stereoscopic animation
– Co-produced animation films/ TV series with North American partner Toonbox Entertainment (since 2008)
– Has more than 40 patents in 3D hardware and software
– Has sold productions to over 100 territories worldwide on networks such as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

Creator of 3D animation shorts
– Famous for “LARVA”, a slapstick animation that is screened in more than 100,000 places in Korea, such as subways, buses, convenient stores, hospitals and banks.
– Exports animations all over the world, such as France, USA, Malaysia, and Taiwan

Creator of major cartoon characters such as PUCCA, CANIMALS, which can be used across multiple media platforms (i.e. TV, mobile games, publishing, apps, etc.)
– CANIMALS: exported to 120 countries in 1 year, and adopted into 2000 different products
– PUCCA: exported to 170 countries

Animation (Pororo, Dibo and Friends)
Creator of 3D animation, design, and VFX media
– Has a professional team of more than 100 creative artists, and a portfolio of over 800 episodes of broadcasted animation

One of Korea’s representative animation and character firms
– Has produced animations such as Pororo, Tayo the Little Bus, Chiro & Friends
– OSMU done (character licensing, MD, publishing, etc.)
– Exporting contents to Japan, Europe, USA, South America and South Asia

Creates animation geared to children ages 6-8
– Holds characters such as EORI and ECO that can be adapted into TV, Books, and other types of media (OSMU)
– Signed contracts with international companies such as Europe’s Edebe Audio-visual, and South Asia’s Lotus Telecom

Creates, produces, and distributes 2D, 3D, and 3D Stereoscopic animations
– Joint-productions with Japanese and Chinese studios
– Distributes “KEMY” series to Asia and Europe

65 years of experience as a publisher of educational content
– Publishes high-quality educational cartoons (such as the “Surviving Series”) across many fields, such as the sciences, the arts, and history.
– Copyright for the “Surviving Series” sold to Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia
– Over 22 million copies sold

Publisher that produces and licenses digital contents, animations, and characters
– Provided contents for LG Kids pad (an educational smart pad for young children (4-7yrs)
– Signed an MOU for joint-production with China’s PARADISE ANIMATION STUDIO

Has characters called Shape Birds (Cute characters that look like squares, triangles, and circles)
– OSMU possible
– Participated in the Gstar Game Show(2007~2010), signed contract to export its product to Taiwan

Has a cartoon character called “MOLANG”, has won Grand Prize in 2012 (Seoul
Animation Centre)
– Signed an exclusive contract with the French firm Yomzeo
– Joint promotion for McDonald in Taiwan and China (2002)

Animation company with over 11 years of experience
– Targets young children with films like “Let’s play with Boomchikiboom” (KBS, CCTV, Aljazeera TV), and “Mind Blowing Breakthrough” (Coproduced with an Argentinian
firm, to be aired in EBS next year)

Studiogale Co., Ltd
3D Animation like ‘Pororo’
– Development of character business model by combining 3D Animation and Mobile Application
– ‘Circus Show’ made it to the final round in the ‘Annecy Festival’, an International Animation Film Festival

3D Animation ‘Alien Pig PiPi’
– Have produced 5episodes so far with plans to show on Cable TV early next year

Animation, Cartoon Character, Game, Toy
Specialises in character toy design & marketing. Also does character licensing, animation broadcasting and games.
– Has overseas sales operations in US, UK, HK, and Shanghai for global distribution
– In 2007, developed and launched its own character named “YooHoo&Friends”

We hope you have found the information helpful!!! Here’s your chance to learn more about South Korea’s companies in the UK! See you at the 2013 Korean Brand and Entertainment Expo!

Useful links: Register your attendance, KBEE website, official Facebook page

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