Shell-fish dinner at the Mysterious Muchanpo Beach

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Introducing this clear blue sea with beauty that was beyond imagination.  The faraway horizon that made me wonder who was at the other end of the horizon and whether they were admiring the same blue sea as I was.

Located in Boryeong in Chungcheongnam-do, Muchangpo Beach is one of the first man-made beaches along the western coastline in Korea.  During the tides at the summer season (on 15th and 30th during the 7th lunar month), one may witness the mysterious parting of the sea that will reveal the 1.5km sea road from the Muchangpo Beach to Seokdaedo Island.


I was there during autumn and had just the magnificent sea part view.  Nonetheless, the view was exceptionally beautiful during sunset.  The short-lived sunset lasted only about 20 minutes.

Camera 360


Camera 360

Next to the Muchangpo Beache Palance (spa hotel) was a restaurant that specialised in grilled shell-fish.  It had a small tentage for diners who prepared a different experience.  The tentage was warm as it was equipped with a heater as well as the heat from our cooking, but the chill was a little unbearable the moment we walked out from the tentage.


I had my first experience in grilling shell-fishes and scallops.  It was really exciting as we had to watch out for the popping moments from the shell-fishes.  The moment it “popped”, it’s shell opened up to 90 degrees and it was cooked.  And we had to quickly moved them away from the grill before it got overcooked! Grilling scallops were much easier though as we could see with our naked eye if they were cooked.




The staple of that dinner was this big pot of kalguksu noodles with seafood and vegetables.  The freshly-cut noodles was slightly chewy and delicious.  Totally appetizing and it warmed the body and prepared us before we braved through the cold wind to return back to the hotel after dinner.

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