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First of all, I hope you spend some wonderful time with friends & family and hope you had dessert for breakfast at least once.And secondly, guess who’s visiting rainy Belgium for a month?

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That’s right, Min Jae is visiting and of course he brought some thoughtful Korean gifts in his neatly packed suitcase.

Sticky goodness

He brought 전통 간식// traditional dessert (jeon-tong kan-sik). It’s called 찹쌀떡 (chop-ssal-dduk). It’s made out of rice cake mixed with red beans, fruits or nuts. They all have different colours and flavour. It’s very chewy and sticky. This dessert is often gifted to high school kids before their exams. So they will stick to their test. Which is a Korean expression that sounds a bit odd translated. I asked Min Jae is it to make the knowledge stick? But he said it isn’t an accurate translation. It’s in the same way they say you can’t have slippery food like seaweed soup or noodles before a test because your knowledge will slip away.
예뻐요 *___*


He also gave this lovely decorated box to my mom. She beamed, this is exactly her taste and it looks so delicate and thoughtful. He really got some big points of approval with this one-well done honey!

The box is handmade. It’s a traditional technique which has been around even 6000-1000 BC. Lacquer is used in all of Asia. And the pearl inlay technique originated in China. First layers of lacquer are carefully applied. Different kind of pigments can be mixed with the lacquer. After applying a layer it has to be completely dry before the next layer can be applied. This process makes it resistant to heat and moisture. Then delicately carved pieces of pearl layers are added. Min Jae told me that Korean kids can get a little make-your-own-lacquer-pearl-box set. I would love to try one (hint-hint)
-We are off to have more beer, cheese and chocolate -Belgian-style. Have a glorious new year!
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