Korean food in Belgium

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Antwerpen Antwerp

taken by Min Jae ^__^

Yesterday Min Jae and I roamed around Antwerp mostly looking for second hand shops and tasting some special Belgian beer. In the evening though I wanted to check out a Korean restaurant.

Chinese restaurants abroad are often a more simplified, greasier version of actual Chinese food which is a fan of delicious flavors (I can testify from my time working as an au pair in China ). Anyway I wondered if Korean food would also be adjusted for Western taste and maybe a little less spicy. And since I had my Korean-food-expert with me I felt pretty confident we could make a good judgement about it.

Korean restaurant abroad 1

I loved the interior!

The little restaurant we chose was pretty cute and cozy with an obligatory Psy playing in the back ground. We were early and the first customers that evening. Service was quick and  friendly.

bibimbap at Korean restaurant

Aaah, bibimbap so we meet again

So how did it compare? We ordered bulgogi // grilled beef (불고기) and bibimbap // rice with a mix of vegetables served in a hot bowl (비빔밥) accompanied by some of the best known side dishes AKA kimchi (김치) and kkaennip//sesame leaves (깻잎). Because they were so basic we expected them to be perfected. The bibimbap was nice but the bulgogi left a little bit to be desired. The kimchi -although spicy enough- tasted a bit sweet weirdly enough. The sesame leaves were nice and close to what I’m used too in Korea (and because it’s one of my favorite side dishes I was especially pleased)

In the end we thought the meal was okay-ish but because of the high price it didn’t quite fulfill our expectations.

Conclusion: if you are out there in Korea or you will visit there soon, why don’t you go treat your taste buds?

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