10 safety tips for snowboarding

Written by on January 16, 2014 in Lifestyle

Snowboarding for the first time? Here are some safety rules you should keep in mind, so that you don’t endanger yourself and others on and off the slopes.

Penguin slop at Phoenix Park

Penguin slop at Phoenix Park

The 13/14 snowboard/ski season is finally in full swing, but before you hit the slopes, especially for first-timers or newbies, it’s pays to be aware of some safety rules so that you can enjoy the sport.

1. Make sure that your bindings have a tight fit and are securely fastened to the board. A loose fit may cause you to twist your ankle.

2. Wear a helmet as that is the single most important equipment you should have aside from the board and bindings. It not only protects you from injuring your head if you fall, but also if other boarders run into you while you’re down. Most of your body heat is also lost through your head, so a helmet can help you stay warm too.

3. Snow goggles are also a good investment. The sun reflects off the snow and that could hurt your eyes. Plus, it’s also more fun if you’re not constantly squinting to see where you’re going.

4. If this is your first time, pads for your bum and knees are recommended as those are the areas which will most likely suffer the most on your initial runs.

Before riding
5. Do a little stretching to loosen and warm up your muscles. Work on the calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, shoulders.

6. Make sure you’re properly hydrated before and during rides. You may not notice it, but dehydration causes fatigue.

On the slopes
7. Pick the right slope appropriate for your level. Beginners should avoid intermediate and advanced runs as you may endanger not only yourself due to the steepness, but also other boarders who are riding at a much faster speed.

8. Look all around before you move off. You don’t want to cut into someone else’s path the moment you get up.

9. Give other moving riders in front of you the right of way. You can see them, but they cannot see you!

10. Don’t hang around at the foot of the slope to wait for your friends. Move away to the side instead, and never walk in the opposite direction of the slope to meet your friend who happens to be nearby.

Bear in mind these 10 basic rules, so that you have good fun!

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