Finalists : Worldwide Korea Bloggers 2014

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We had a difficult time in deliberating the finalists.
This year we exceeded our goal of choosing 20 people and have chosen more to join us.

Each and every applicant has different experiences and motivations of joining this team.
Some are fine-tuned expert bloggers, some are hobby bloggers and there are even some very young beginners,
however what makes everyone special is that everyone has a passion for Korea!

We at the Korea Blog will try our best to help you gain opportunities to match your caliber in writing.

Please try to treat each other with great respect since we are all gathered here to share experiences and promote KOREA!
We hope to hold a welcoming ceremony in soon for those residing in Korea.
WKBs abroad, please join us in heart.

Until then please study the Korea Blog’s previous content and start thinking up topics that have not been covered in earlier posts.

Further guidelines will be made available in the dedicated Facebook group, ask to join here.

*If you have a different Facebook name other than the ones listed below please send a DM stating your enlisted name 

Hopefully everyone is ready to start writing!

Thank you all and welcome aboard the Korea Blog!

– Korea Blog Admin


*Names are in no particular order.

Nora Maaniemi
Rabiatu Bobboi
Sara Hussain
Brice Longnos
Diya Mitra
Noorashikin Iskandar
Maressa Zahirah
Vera Lee
Magdalena Krisnawati
Juneaty Rachmat
Deddy Wijaya
Oka Danil Saputra
Febryanty Putry
Sitti Rasuna Wibawa (Una)
Feliz Gemmavyn S. Tiosen
Aileen Artificio
Marius Oczon
Jamie Emarzon M. Garcia
Jeena Denise Ysabel J. Postigo
Katherine Sicat
Hannah Petrache
Maria Regina Umban Cagampan
Tan Hui Ying
Shelley Lee
Jon Dunbar
Megan Fox
Ian McKay
Christopher Louis Sarasin
Anna Tam
Aaron Snowberger
Katherine Lause
Autum Gudvangen
Linda Damara Cruz Radbruch
Fanny Ruby Cruz Trinidad
Geovanna Vanessa López Pérez
Jazmín Zapata de la Cruz
Sara Alejandra Cruz Radbruch
Chaima Zoghbi
Mohamed salah el-din mahmoud
Bezazel ferhat ben rabah
Puneet Singh
Virendra Satish Rathod
Rasheed Hussain
Bizzat Hussain Zaidi
M. Musharraf Alam
Izabela Olga Gajek
Katarzyna Anna Augustyn
Szymon Grzybowski
Bartosz Sadowski

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