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I have been learning Korean almost for 4 years. After I took the 34th TOPIK exam in here Turkey, I wanted to try writing a learning Korean guide for everybody who is interested in learning this language oneself, like me.


Source: Donga.com

Korean is one of the foreign language which can learn online easily because there are lost of useful internet sites to learn. Some of them belong to top universities of Korea, some of them belong to volunteer Koreans and some of them belongs to foreign volunteers who learned this language. I used and still using most of these sites.
From learning Hangeul to grammar knowledge I will try to explain the sites and books which are really useful materials.

:::::::::CLICK KOREAN:::::::::::::

Photo From: http://www.livingincmajor.com/learn-korean-online-free-korean-lessons-my-top-3-favourite-programs. This photo just used for visuality. All rights reserved to LEI of SNU

Source: http://lei.snu.ac.kr/klec/

To learn Hangeul ,the Korean alphabet, I will show you the site that I used. This site belong to Seoul National University, the top university of Korea. To learn Hangeul with this site, the thing you should to do is only writing the address of site. You do not need to pay any fee, you even do not need to sign up.


The photo snipped from www.memrise.com. All right reserved to original owner.

Source: http://www.memrise.com

Memrise is the best for improving vocabulary for everyone. To getting started to use Memrise you should sign up first. (You can log in via your facebook)

The photo snipped from www.memrise.com. All right reserved to original owner.

Source: http://www.memrise.com

After logged in you should clik to Browse button and search “Korean”.Then select the courses that you want to practise.
I suggest “Yonsei Vocabulary for Foreigners”, 500 Basic Korean Adjectives”, “500 Basic Korean Verbs”, “Active Korean Series”


Source: http://www.memrise.com

For example you have your own word and you want to create your own course. This is possible too. To create a new course you should click the “Create” and write your own words.

The learning system with Memrise is really simple and fun. At first step you learn your new vocabs, This step is “seeding”, 4 hours after the Memrise send you an email that this is time to water your seeds. This step is “watering”. After 13 hours the system send you a new email that this is time to water your flower. You should periodically visit the site and check if there is a flower that need to water. After a few days you will become a master of the words.

 ::::::::::::TALK TO ME IN KOREAN::::::::::::::

I think there is no one that do not know TTMIK who learn Korean online. TTMIK team has 7 teachers. They are teaching Korean through funny way. You can practise your Korean with 1:1 Skype lessons. To keep learning Korean they have got an address that is named HaruKorean. But do not forget that you need to sigh up before you start learning. And they offer free trial before become a regular member. TTMIK is a free but you should pay fee to use HaruKorean.

This photo snipped from talktomeinkorean.com. All rights reserved to original owner.

Source: http://www.talktomeinkorean.com

 :::::::::: KOREAN GRAMMAR IN USE ::::::::::

Korean Grammar in Use Source: http://www.darakwon.co.kr

This book is the culmination of educational know-how and systematic grammar organization acquired by the three authors from their experience actually teaching Korean to foreigners in the  classroom. In focusing strictly on Korean grammar, this series represents a departure from most  current integrated teaching materials, allowing foreign learners to more easily concentrate on  grammar in their study of Korean. The authors have included real dialogues and illustrations to  make the study of Korean more interesting, especially for those students who have heretofore felt  Koran grammar to be difficult. Further, this series equally serves as a general Korean grammar  reference that can be used by Korean language instructors both in Korea and abroad who regularly  experience the difficulty of teaching Korean grammar first-hand. To buy this book you can access the online book shopping sites like amazon.com, seoulselection.com

:::::::::TOPIK (Test of Proficiency In Korean):::::::::::

TOPIK or Test of Proficiency in Korean is a Korean Language test offered five times annually (in Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct, Nov) to foreigners in Korea and twice annually (Apr, Oct) to people studying Korean in other countries. TOPIK is administered by the National Institute for International Education – NIIED. (Hangeul: 국립국제교육원.)

This article snipped from TOPIK's official site. All rights reserved to original owner.

Source: http://www.topik.go.kr

If you want to take TOPIK exam, you should check dates of exam for your country. To exercise for the exam you can download previous ones with mp3, please follow this steps;

  1. Go to http://www.topik.go.kr
  2. Click “정보 마당” on the top of the page
  3. Then click “기출문제 다운로드” on the left side of the page

This service is free and you do not need to sign up.

::::::::::: K-POP ::::::::::

Photo is uploded just for visuality. All rights reserved to original owner.

K-pop, Korean -pop, is one of the best way to improve Korean if you love listening music. Due to familiarize your ears to Korean don’t forget to listen K-pop event though you do not understand what it all means. I  guarantee that after a period of time, you will get used to new Korean words and some grammar points. I even puzzled out certain grammar rules while listening K-pop.

I recommend “Xing Player” for K-pop lyrics.  You can download it from Google Play and App Store for free.

 ::::::::::: KOREAN MOVIE AND DRAMA:::::::::::

Especially Korean dramas and movies have lots of fans all around the world. This is an inarguable reality. I have been watching dramas for years. And can say the advantage is really mignificant. During watching you can explore culture of Korea, see must going atractions, a bit history, etc. But most importantly you can practice your Korean and learn more about this languages and its different dialects.

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