“Sight, Sound, Scent, Taste and Touch” for K- Food Lovers

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Talking about Korea is not complete if we don’t experience its culinary. Korean resto flourishes, mainly in Jakarta, since Korean fever hits Indonesia. But most of them seems very “formal” and expensive resto, not suitable for young people whereas the majority of the Korean lovers are young people, people young at heart and teenagers. They would rather spend times and enjoy the meal in a resto with the relaxed atmosphere and affordable prices.

But now, they have a place where they can experience various Korean foods and having Korean entertainments at the same time. It then becomes my favourite Korean resto . It’s Daebak Fan Café which is located in Depok, a suburb area of South Jakarta. The first time I came to this resto, I feel comfortable and impressed with the style of Daebak Fan Café, and of course with the taste of many kind of Korean food it serves.

What surprises me that the resto is founded and is run by four young and talented people. They are students of engineering department in Indonesian University; Refaldo Fanther as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Afrizal Juansyah as Chief Marketing and Financial Officer, Wiranti Sitoresmi as Chief Human Resource and Operating Officer, and Asiah Syahidah as Chief Product and Design Officer.

They meet in 2012 and become a team called “Enjinio”. With the same spirit and the same interest, they make their dream come true by opening a Korean resto with a unique and different style with the others existing resto. They set a ‘Fan Café‘ concept, and a year later Daebak Fan Café established with the brand-line “The 1st Korean Fan Café in Indonesia”.


Why Fan Café ?




Wiranti said Korean Fan Café is the concept to give memorable experiences for Korea lovers, anyone who fond of K-pop, K-dramas, Korea tourism, and last but not least Korean culinary. People who come will also feel the nuance and the atmosphere of ‘fan’-based feeling from the room design, the available entertainment, the menu, event the colour. Everything is very Korea.
“The concept of the café combines sight, sound, scent, taste and touch,” said Wiranti.

There are two kind of room for the guess who come to Daebak Café. ‘Hongdae Room’ a room with modern K-Pop style. In this room, the customers are spoiled with the latest K-pop music as they enjoy the meal. They who like Korean drama can choose ‘Bukchon Room’ and will be entertained by theme songs of Korean dramas.

In Hongdae room we can request our favorite K-Pop music video, and request Original Soundtracks or TV Show in Bukchon room. In Hongdae room, there is also ‘Wall of Fans’ where you can ‘post-it’ your message for your favourite actress/actors and for your K-Pop idols.




Daebak Menu





The menu and the taste of the food are the most important thing for a restaurant. As a Korean resto, Daebak Fan Café serves many kind of Korean food which are familiar for Indonesians. The café hires experienced cooks to keep the best the quality and the taste of the food.

The menu of Daebak Fun Café consist of various Korean soup such as seaweed soup (miyeok guk), kimchi soup (kimchi jjigae), spicy beef soup (yukgaejang), soft tohu stew (sundubu jjigae), and spicy seafood noodle soup (jjampong). We can also try Korean rice menu such as omurice, bulgogi and bibimbap; Korean noodle such as ramyeon, rappoki and japchae; Korean snack such as odeng, tteopokki and kimbab. Almost all kind of Korean foods are available in Daebak Fan Café.

We can complete our adventure of Korean culinary with ‘fandom punch’, iced and fresh drinks which are named after Korean boy/girls band such as exotic alien from EXO, golden paradise from INFINITE, boice revolution from CNBLUE, wonderful burgundy from Wonder Girls, etc. People, specially the young people will really experience Korean taste in Daebak Fan Café. That’s why some Korean idols fan-base community often uses the café for their gathering event. []

*Note: all the pictures with permission and by the courtesy of Daebak Fan Cafe.

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