Approved for adoption – Couleur de peau: miel (skin colour: honey)

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Couleur de peau: miel (skin colour: honey) or Approved for adoption is a French-Belgian-Swiss-South Korean autobiographical film made by Jung and Laurent Boileau. It tells the story of cartoonist Jung who was adopted as a 5 year old by a Belgian family. It is a very honest story about adoption, the positive and negative. He shares his experiences of growing up in Belgium and later his journey to Korea in search of his roots.

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Although the majority of the story telling happens in animation, historical and personal family footage are used as well. These different techniques compliment each other and make the story more compelling.

The film was was released June 6, 2012

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All images are taken from Couleur de peau: miel

Check out The trailer: with Korean subtitles // with English subtitles

Check out The press release (only in French)
Check out The official site 

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