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We.. Korean culture fans love k-pop songs,bands & singers.. but most of us don’t know a lot about the old Korean singers during the second half of 20th century and in the beginning of 21st century..

in that part we will talk about 3 singers

old k-pop

1- Chu-Ja Kim 김추자

she was one of the most famous singers from late  ‘60s and ‘70s. Her first album 늦기전에 “before too late”  which was released in 1969 made such a great . her success was not only because of her voice but also the writer of her songs신중현 ” Jung Hyeon shin” who wrote “before too late” song .

after disappearing for long chu ja kim will release anew album during this year.


2- Hae-Ri Jang 장혜리

She was born in 1960.Her activity period was from 1986 to 1990. Her first album 오늘밤에 만나요 “Meet you tonight” made her very famous especially the song that the album was named after was released in 1986 . The most interesting&well known song for her until now is 내게 남은 사랑을 드릴께요 “I will give you all my love” in 1988 which was released in her 3rd album.


3- Kwang-Seok Kim 김광석

One of the most important folk rock singers in Korea . He was born in 1964. Kwang-Seok Kim started his musical  life in 1984 with musical ‘Gaedongi(개똥이) which was consisting of topical music written by the the song writer  Min-Ki Kim 김민 .

In 1987  Kwang-Soek  created a band was called 동물원 “The Zoo” which released their first album in 1988. After that Kwang-Seok began to sing solo and released 6 studio albums to become the beloved singer of the young generation in the 90s .. he made lots of great songs like 걸에서 “In the street” and 서른즈음에 “About thirty” which is being sung by modern singers like Si-Kyung seong 성시경  and Hae-Ri Lee 이혜리 . Kwang-Seok’s life was ended by committing suicide in 1996.


Finally.. old K-pop is the base for new K-pop bands &singers.

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