Gorgeous Gisaeng Hanbok vs Fanciful Fusion Hanbok

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Hanbok is a part of Korean history and cultural heritage that has been a treasured for more than 1,600 years. However, nowadays Korean only wear this traditional costume during certain festivals, anniversaries, weddings, religious occasions.

Although it’s rare to see people wearing Hanbok on the street, but you can still see ethnics minority such as Chunghak-dong on Mount Jirisan wearing it in their daily lives. Royal Guards and some tour guides in palaces or other cultural sites wearing Hanbok as their attires. In Saeguk (historical) dramas and movies, actors are dressed in hanbok all the time. And sometimes fusion inspired hanbok dresses can be seen in dramas and performances too.


Female hanbok is basically composed of jacket (저고리 = jeogori) to cover upper body, and skirt (치마 = chima) to concentrate on lower body. Male hanbok consists of pants (바지 = baji),  jacket (저고리 = jeogori), vest (조끼= jokki), outer jacket (마고자 = makoja). Hanbok covers almost the whole body except for head, hands and feet.

Though Hanbok cutting is much on straight lines with gentle curved on sleeves, but the harmonize combination of short jacket (Jeogori) and wide pleated bell-shaped skirt (Chima) brings out the gracefulness of the wearer’s body shape. Hanbok has high placement of the waistband to give a billowy look of flowing lines while retaining an airy voluminous of the skirt that allowing freedom of movements.

On top of basic features, hanboks have other features like appearance, cutting, decoration, color and design changed over different dynasties. They were also vary based on political position, social status, occupation, and season. For instance, dragon embroideries only be used by kings and phoenix  for queen.

Gisaeng Hanbok

Goguan Gisaeng Hanbok (3)

Hanbok of Giseang (female entertainers) mostly in attractive bright color

with translucent fabric for jeogori and silk material for chima.

기생 한복 Goguan Gisaeng Hanbok (46)

it has underbust bodice belt (black color long cloth with flowers embroidery),

and decorated with traditional ornament norigae (노리개) on it.

Goguan Gisaeng Hanbok (31)

They also wear pretty hair wig (가채 = Gachae) with Binyeo and Dwikko as accessories

Goguan Gisaeng Hanbok (4)

When going outside, they put on an umbrella-shaped hat (전모 = Jeonmomade of bamboo

and paper or cloth and sometimes cover their faces with veil.

East meets West Fusion Hanbok

modernised hanbok photo Fusion

Fusion hanbok is created to adapt the changing lifestyles and incorporated with Westernized style.

Hanbok designers creating more appealing and creative hanbok to capture youngsters’ fashion-styles.

fusion hanbok gisaeng photo studio

Vintage corset with adjustable ribbon tie-up at the back

turned this chima to sexy dress without jeogori.

fusion hanbok (18)

Chima nicely matched with Fur Bolero (볼레로)

fusion hanbok (12a)

Jeogori without ribbon or coat strings (고름 = goreum)


Gugak Family from Fantastick Show wearing fanciful fusion dress hanbok with spaghetti straps

and knee-length chima. (Photo credit to miceseoul.com)

fusion hanbok jeogori bolero

Do you like Hanbok? Which style you prefer? Feminine with Jeogori? Gorgeous with Fur Bolero?

Elegance in Chima? Knee-length hanbok? or Traditional Hanbok?

Thanks to Korean Wave (Hallyu) and Korea Tourism’s effort in introducing Korean Culture to the world. Therefore, this beauty of Korea Hanbok gained much interest and popularity to younger generations and foreigners too.

full set of Hanbok at Namdaemun, Dongdaemun, Gwangjang Market that cost about $200.  Tailor made hanbok can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars. taking session, you can also rent it.

Hanbok Experience

Please click on the link for the address and directions. Do take note on the Operating hours, and if possible call to make appointment first to avoid disappointment.


 Tourist Information Center (TIC) of Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)

(Free Hanbok Experience – hanbok booth closed as we didn’t take not on operating hour)

Seoul Global Culture and Tourism Center

Seoul Global Culture and Tourism Center

(Free Hanbok Experience -reservation is needed)

incheon Traditional Korean Cultural

 Traditional Korean Cultural Experience Zone @ Incheon International Airport (Antler, 3F)

Unhyeongung Royal Residence

(Rental Cost 3,300 Won for 30 minutes with pretty Unhyeongung as background)

Goguan Hanbok Photo Studio

(Studio is decorated with 8 Korean Traditional backgrounds. Rental cost depends on the costume,

make up and hair-setting. Please check the link for more information).

MoRanBaePil Fusion Hanbok

(Custom-made fine fusion hanbok to suit your style or rental of ready-made hanbok)

Singapore KTO

Korea Tourism Organization (Singapore Office)

(Do check out KTO office in your country, they might have Free Hanbok Experience

and other Cultural Experience Programs available too ^^)

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