Enjoy Busan: The beauty of rocks at Igidae Park.

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During my summer holiday, I tried to find a place to enjoy surrounded by a beach. Since I was living in Gumi, Busan was the best option for me. Actually, I had already discovered this city more than four times, a city known as the second largest city in Korea after Seoul. In this metropolis, the combination of modernity and nature becomes more exciting for the visiting tourists. During my travels to Busan, I went to several beautiful places, such as Busan Tower, the UN Memorial CemeteryGwangalli BeachHaeundae Beach and Igidae Park. Returning home, I wrote about Igidae Park and, perhaps, in the future I will be able to share my journeys related to the other tourist attractions.

Igidae Park

The bridge is made around the hills and view of the Gwangan bridge from Igidae park corners.

Firstly,  when I arrived at Igidae Park, I was greeted by a view of the rocks colliding with each other. Additionally, bridges and walkways have been built around the adjacent hills, adding to the enjoyment of this place. In the late afternoon, the sun begins to be sealed in by the clouds and thus the air surrounding the park “augments the delicious” hiking. Meanwhile, just as I arrive, the waves crash upon the rocks at Igidae Park.

Accordingly, Igidae Park is located in a very nice place, presenting an attractive natural landscape. Unfortunately,  this park is still not very popular among travelers, compared to Gwangalli Beach, a place only five minutes away by taxi, depending on traffic. Even from Igidea Park, the Gwangan Bridge can be seen relatively clearly. Moreover, for people who love walking and want to find a little quiet and peaceful place, Igidae is obviously appropriate.

Secondly, most of the trails are covered with small stones and soil, easy for walking. In such an environment, I’m used to wearing sandals. Similarly, in my opinion, you don’t need to put on shoes here, since in this place there are no streets/small markets. Bringing a bottle of mineral water from home or from a store should be required. Lastly, below I want to present a short video I took at Igidea Park. I hope you love it.

Thank you and happy traveling~ All photo credits to okadanil.com.

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