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There was a time when cinema was exciting with 2D movies and then comes the Era for 3D version of movies. 3D cinemas breaks the distant screen barrier, makes you wear glasses so that you can feel the live movie action. The advancements in technology now allow movie-lovers the opportunity to experience the next Era of cinema with the 4DX Digital experience. 4DX is a motion picture technology owned and developed by South Korean company named CJ 4DPLEX.

So, what are these 4DX theaters? Well, if you have already experience the movies in 3D, it is the time to transform the experience of watching a movie in 4DX. You will experience the full of in-theater effects like seat motion and vibration, physical effects such as wind, smoke, light, water and even scents. These high-tech motion seats are in sync with the on-screen action to make you enjoy cinema with an extensive sensory experience.

There are many 4DX screens in South Korea under CJ CGV multiplex. But the question comes, how much extra perks this enduring experience will cost you? Each ticket costs around 18K won – a bit high compared to the normal movie ticket of 10K won, but you will experience plenty of special effects in addition to the 3D glasses.

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All seats are marked with 4DX brand and the capacity of the current 4DX Theater is relatively small as compared to the normal 2D or 3D Theater.

Experience 7 Special Effects in 4DX Theater:   

    1. Motion Effect: Each seat move on 3 axes of motion with the action:
      – Rolling: Left and Right
      – Heaving: Up and Down
      – Pitching: Forward and BackAir and Water effect
    2.  Wind effect comes to express the sudden action taking place. It recreate scene from turbulence storm or the sensation of flight or speed.
    3.  Water effect spills off the screen and into the theater for realistic experience of movie.
    4.  Light effects produces flashes of lightning from dark front corner side of theater for dynamic visual sensation during the scene of thunderstorm.
    5.  Scent effect adds another layer of space between the scene and the auditorium. Smell a variety of scents from within the movie.
    6.  Bubble effect fills the auditorium by creating a fantastic atmosphere.
    7.  Fog effect fills up the auditorium during the scene of explosions or smoke.

Don’t worry, you need not carry your umbrella’s with you since very small proportion is used to give you feel of the scene.

Important Information and precautions

Since the 4DX seats are programmed to move in all direction according to what is shown on screen. So please be careful and note following important information and precautions during movie:

    • Food Items like popcorn, beverages etc. may be dropped or spilt
    • Sensitive viewer may feel dizziness or headache during movie screening.
    • You are not permitted to enter the 4DX Theater, if you have
      – high blood pressure
      – Bad heart condition
      – Back problem,
      – Pregnant or any other serious medical condition.
    • Children from age 4 to 7 may attend screening only with their guardian.
    • If your food item is spilled than please don’t leave your seat to recover such items during screening

4DX is emerging cinematic experience present the future of movie industry & it seems to be the new era of cinema and best choice for the future.

I strongly recommend giving preference to 4DX over 3D if you have not experienced 4DX yet.

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