[Recipe] How to do Gimbap (김밥)??

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[Recipe] How to do Gimbap (김밥)??

What is this ??
김밥Gimbap or kimbap is one of popular Korean dish…
The literal translation of the word 김밥- gimbap is seaweed rice.
It is because these two things are the most basic components of gimbap.

 [Recipe] How to do 김밥Gimbap??

What you need to do Gimbap ??

  • Steamed white rice- You can use sushi rice for best results. Add a dash of sesame oil to the cooked rice and make sure to thoroughly cool before use.
  • Sheets of dried layer seaweed.
  • The Bamboo rolling mat equipment, which is really helpful and highly recommended.


Now, what about those fillings?


The rolls you see here are filled with a multi-textured, a colorful, and well-balanced vegetarian combo of bright yellow pickled radish, carrots, cucumber , egg, imitation crab meat and Hot dog …

How to do 김밥Gimbap??

1. Position the seaweed on top of the Bamboo Rolling Mat.

2. Spread a layer of rice on top of the seaweed.

3. Arrange the fillings on top of the rice.

4. Rolling.SAM_8419_副本

Last, Cut into bite-size pieces.

Apply sesame oil on the surface.
Then, use a very sharp knife when slicing because a dull knife may deflate your roll.
(Wet your knife in between cutting if it gets sticky with rice.)

김밥Gimbap have a packing-friendly shape and easy deliciousness make it ready for picnics in the road trips, and any transportation situation.


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