Putting the spotlight on Misutgaru, a Korean summer drink

Misutgaru (미숫가루), a popular and traditional summer drink in Korea, is the perfect beverage to beat the heat!
Korea may be halfway through summer but for people like me who live in Southeast Asia, where it is hot most of the time, Misutgaru is a Korean drink that recharges us.

Misutgaru is a delicious drink that has a slightly grainy texture and tastes somewhat like peanut butter. Some also describe the taste as a bit like cereal with a nutty flavor.


Cold Misutgaru is perfect to serve on a hot day to combat the heat.

Misutgaru, which means roasted (grain) rice powder is a drink made of mixed grains that have been steamed, roasted, and then grounded. Misutgaru usually incorporates 7-10 different ingredients in a bag. Components may vary but this typically include various rice grains, barley, seeds, nuts, black beans, soy beans, etc. With these combination of ingredients makes this drink a beneficial health drink. It is high in protein, a great source of fiber and low in calories. It also helps with digestion and can be a healthier alternative to energy drinks since it also helps boost the body’s system.

This healthy Korean multi-grain shake is great for different lifestyles. For those on the go or who do not have enough time for a full breakfast then this nutritious drink is for you. Misutgaru is also popular to those who who are on a diet since this is considered as a healthy snack / drink.

Basic ingredients to make Misutgaru shake: Misutgaru + water + milk + sugar

Basic ingredients to make Misutgaru shake: Misutgaru + water + milk + sugar

Misutgaru is commonly stirred with water and milk. Adding a bit of honey or sugar is also recommended if you want to sweeten the taste.
A bit of warning though, it may be a bit hard to mix the powder and water with just a spoon since it tends to clump. Making it with a blender or juicer is much more convenient.
Consistency depends on what you prefer, it can be made thick or smooth by adjusting the ratio of water to powder to fit your liking. And that’s it! You’ve got your own perfect Misutgaru protein smoothie.

Don’t fret if you can’t finish your drink. You can pour the left-over drink into an empty ice tray. So the next time you make Misutgaru you can add the Misutgaru ice cubes so that when the ice melts it won’t dilute the taste.
There are many ways that you can spruce up Misutgaru.
You can add some fruits to the mix or eat it like oatmeal. And if you’re creative enough, you can even make your own Misutgaru flavored ice cream!
Some restaurants or cafes also sprinkle Misutgaru on top of Bingsus (Korean shaved ice dessert).

Have you tried Misutgaru? Share in the comment section below.

Have you tried Misutgaru? Share in the comment section below

Even if summer ends it doesn’t mean that you have to stop enjoying Misutgaru. When the weather gets chilly or you want something to warm you up, you can also make a hot Misutgaru latte by using hot water or steamed milk.

Clearly there are endless possibilities with Misutgaru. Might as well call it a drink powder that does wonders!


Have you tried Misutgaru? Share in the comment section below.

Have you tried 미숫가루? 1kg bags are usually available at Korean marts.

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