Korean-Egyptian traditional musical instruments .. look like each other

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Korean civilization interested in music from so long especially during the three kingdoms period. Egyptian people interested in music from the era of Pharaohs too.


When I begin to listen to Korean  traditional music through 아리랑” Arirang”  I noticed that there is some Korean musical instruments very close to traditional musical instruments that we are using in Egypt ..but there are 3 Korean  instruments that is so closely to the Egyptian instruments  .

 가야금 ” Gayageum”& القانون “Qanun”

가야금  “Gayageum” is a Korean musical instrument which is related to the family of string instruments with 12 strings, though some more recent variants have 21 or other numbers of strings.

가야금 “Gayageum” was developed during the three kingdoms period in Gaya confederacy.



 القانون “Qanun” is a musical instrument that is used in  middle eastern music . It is from the family of  strings too that  has  26 courses of strings.


해금 “Haegeum”& الربابة “Rebab”

해금 “Haegeum” from string instrument family. there is no records for the history of  해금 “Haegeum” but  most of historical sources say that 해금 “Haegeum” is used during고려” Goryeo”dynasty .

الربابة “Rebab” from string instruments family too . It is used very much in Arabian world specially in Iraq-they call it “Joza” and upper Egypt. One of Egyptian children memories that they have a small “Rebab” with one string  to play on it.


 대금 “Daegeum” &  الناي “Ney”

대금 “Daegeum” is looking like modern flute made from bamboo. 대금 “Daegeum” was invented in  Silla kingdom during King Sinmun era in 7th century.. until now 대금 “Daegeum” is used in film scores & soundtracks.



الناي “Ney” is a musical instrument with Persian roots that was played from about 4500 years until now. Persian Ney has 6 holes one of them in the back but in Arabian world our Ney has 7 holes.. until now a lot of our Egyptian musicians use Ney in their musical pieces.


Music is the global language which gathering people from North, South ,East & West

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