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This year’s theme “Living with Nature” is completely in sync with the rising social consciousness about ecology and the environment; a theme whose message carries more and more urgency as time goes by. There was an abundance of natural materials and textures at the fair, with an interesting mix of the modern and traditional, the digital with the analogue.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are the photos:

Speakers for i-pod from Design Group LAD

Park Jun Bum’s chairs and table

Visitors enjoy trying out the furniture

Realistic displays call for kids to try ‘em out

Warm wood and earth tones set the mood

Wi Sung Bum’s table explores the human body

Won Da Yeon’s credenza explores the imagination

Sometimes the littlest touches add the biggest effect

Poetry on the wall is an ode to the pine tree

Soft rock cushions create a comfy outdoor atmosphere, indoors

East meets west at Muifran

Designer Lee Jeong In explains his design concept

The exhibition halls and displays conveyed the nature theme throughout:

Soft lighting matched the mood of the natural displays

Eagon’s display pavilion is completely in wood, from floor to ceiling

Nature scenes play in this installation piece

A faux garden offers seating for weary feet

Naturally, there were many gardening related booths and displays:

Fresh flowers are always beautiful

Terrariums made from recycled old bottles

“Happy Table”, a section dedicated to tableware. Ceramics and porcelain made up for most of the products.

Visitors rest in the “Happy Table” area

Plates, platters, cups, and bowls from artists’ kilns

A table setting of handmade ceramics

Ceramics make a great match with wood

What’s a table setting without flowers and perfect vases?

There were also many colorful and whimsical displays and products:

Porcelain mini horses to adorn your tabletops and bookcases

Simple but fun prints to spruce up your walls

Interactive kid lights work from RGB toggling and come in funny shapes

Cakes and pastries made from folded towels, popular as party favors and gifts

Cho Ji Hwa’s ceramic mouse wall tiles and baby cake lamps

Yeogi Damgi’s ceramic dolls are all handpainted and different

With only a few exceptions, the products on display are available for sale and order. I did purchase two large noodle bowls, but had to refrain from buying everything that caught my fancy. In hindsight, I wish I had gotten a couple of the miniature horses and the dolls from Yeogi Damgi. (Don’t have any space for new furniture!)

The Habitat for Humanity booth with messages for Japan

One of the most memorable things about this fair was the Habitat for Humanity booth. They had set up a donation box to aid Japan in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake, and also a tent pod in which people wrote and hung up words of encouragement. It was a reminder that “living” comes before “design”, and is truly meaningful when we are all living together.

Besides the exhibits, the fair also holds seminars and workshops for which you can register in advance; something good to know for the next time.

Seoul Living Design Fair official site

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