Noryangjin Fish Market

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Korea’s market culture is vast and eclectic. The Noryangjin Fish Market, in the heart of Seoul, is truly a gem among them. It opened in 1927 and is Seoul’s oldest and largest indoor seafood market. It’s essentially an aquarium, where the sights are for sale and the fare is delicious.

Located outside of Noryangjin station on Seoul’s subway Line 1, the market is nestled just south of the Han River.  A brief walk on the pedestrian bridge over the train tracks provides spectacular views of Yeouido Island and the iconic 63 Building before bringing you to the market’s entrance.  Once inside, you are greeted with a cacophony of sights and smells.  The sheer size of the Noryangjin Fish Market is astonishing. It houses over 800 stalls selling products on a scale of dead to barely dead and still very much alive.

The shouting but friendly vendors and their pleas for your patronage only authenticate the experience. From salmon sashimi to sannakji (live octopus), Noryangjin Fish Market is the quintessential location to try it all. You can make purchases from any of the vendors and have food prepared and served to you on site at a host of restaurants on the second and basement levels of the market.

Noryangjin Fish Market warrants a visit merely for the experience or for a meal that begs you to expand your dining horizons. The market is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

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