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I grew up in Southern California during the 1970s. It was a great time and my favorite summertime memories always included visits to Disneyland. The theme park is one of the oldest in America and brought together people from all over the world in the spirit of fun. In fact, when I started attending the park, admission prices were quite low compared to what they are today, but in addition we had to purchase tickets for each ride. Something soothing and calm, aimed at children may have been considered an “A” ticket, while the thrilling rides like Space Mountain and the Matterhorn warranted “E” ticket status (hence the popular phrase: This is an “E-Ticket” ride). As famous as Disneyland is in America (and its Florida counterpart), Korea has an equally famous amusement park, which, in many ways, tops the venerable park in Anaheim.

Located just outside of Yongin, the resort area first greeted visitors in 1976 with the Natural Farm. It was designated as a tourist location for local residents and for those traveling to the area from elsewhere on the peninsula. During the next 20 years, the park added several attractions and formally changed its name to Everland. That same year, it opened Caribbean Bay, a world-class water park that draws millions each year. This drive for success did not go unnoticed, for in 2006, Forbes Magazine named Everland one of the best in the world.

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What I like most about Everland is that it is decidedly different than anything else in the Seoul area. Among the tall trees, Everland’s appeal I think not only has to do with what lies behind the admission gates, but also its natural surroundings. There really is something to be said about getting of the city and seeing some greenery. And green you will see, for over the rolling hills and throughout the resort areas, tall pines cover the place. One might think getting to such a place would both be difficult and cost a fortune. Thankfully, that’s not the case, as transportation is a breeze (see below) and might even get easier if the proposed subway route is completed.

Tour Bus

Area Travel Agency Tel
Seoul City Hall – Dongdaemun Stadium Subway Station Daeseong Tour 032-322-7001
Guro Digital Complex Street and Gyeongbang Pil (Yeongdeungpo) World Tour 1599-3319
Sinchon World Tour 1599-3319
Gyeongyeong Omni Sangye and Gangbyeon Saint Gyeonggi Daewon 02-2201-7710
Homever Mokdong Weekends, Gyeonggi Daewon 02-2201-7710
Cheongnyangni, Sadang and Guri Weekends, Daeseong Tour 02-466-1157
Ilsan, Hwajeong and Gayang Daeseong Tour 032-678-2772
Regency Hotel, Suwon Street and Suwon Terminal World Tour 1599-3319
Geumjeong Saint Gunpo, Pyeongchon Saint Anyang World Tour 1599-3319
Ansan Seong, Jungang Street and Saint Sangnok World Tour 1599-3319
Sangdong Bucheon and Gyesan Incheon Daeseong Tour 032-678-2662

Public Transportation

Place of Departure Region Bus No. / Tel
Gangbyeon Gangbyeon Station – Jamsil Station # 5800 / 031-338-4834
Gangnam Gangnam Station (Subway Line No. 2) – Yangjae Station # 5002 / 031-338-4834
Gangbyeon Gangbyeon – Cheonho – Gangdong # 1113 / 1599-3319
Sinsa-dong Sinsa-dong – Gangnam – Bundang # 1005-5 / 031-338-1116
Sadang Sadang Station – Nambu Terminal # 1500-2 / 031-338-1116
Seongnam Seongnam – Moran # 15 / 031-338-1116
Suwon Suwon Station – Singal – Yongin # 6000 / 031-338-4834
Incheon Incheon – Suwon – Anyang – Singal Bus Terminal / 031-338-4834
Anyang Anyang – Singal – Yongin Bus Terminal / 031-338-4834
Bucheon Bucheon – Singal – Yongin Bus Terminal / 031-338-4834
Ansan Ansan – Singal – Yongin Bus Terminal / 031-338-4834
Suwon Suwon – Singal – Yongin by City Bus # 66, 66-1, 66-3,66-4

Unlike the park of my youth (that now charges $80 for a single-day ticket), Everland does a great job of keeping things cost-effective for not only the individual, but also the whole family. Furthermore, the park tries to encourage foreigners to engage in the festivities by offering a slight discount coupon.

Ticket(KRW) Adult Teenager Children Remark
One-Day Ticket Day Ticket 38,000 32,000 29,000 Free admission to Hoam Gallery and KRW 1,000 discount on admission to the Transportation Museum
Free use of all Everland facilities for the day (excluding some charged facilities)
Children : 36 Months ~ 12 Years,
Teenager : 13 ~ 18 Years
Night Ticket 31,000 26,000 23,000 Valid from 5:00 PM
Two-Day Ticket 61,000 52,000 47,000 No double discount option including the use of discount cards is available
Admission Day Time 31,000 26,000 23,000 Admission to Everland for the day
Night Time 25,000 23,000 21,000 Admission to Everland from 5:00 PM
Annual Ticket 1 Year Ticket 150,000 150,000 130,000
2 Year Ticket 220,000 220,000 185,000
Premium Ticket 200,000 Two tickets to Caribbean Bay, meal coupon and
Q pass
Smart Ticket 80,000 80,000 70,000 Number of available days: about 300 (excluding Saturdays/Sundays/Holidays of April, May, June, August and October)
Senior Ticket 70,000 Visitors who are 55 years old or older
Baby Ticket 50,000 Infants who are 35 months old or younger
(Gift: One kids meal coupon)

These prices extend to the shops, restaurants, and food stands located throughout the park.

Now that the “information” about Everland has been posted, let’s get to the heart of the matter – the rides. What makes any amusement park good? Great rides, and there is no shortage of them here. Plus, there’s a wide variety of other attractions to keep a family busy an entire day.  Kids will find their rides in Aesop’s Village. Carnie rides find a home in the American Adventure. Want to cool off on a hot-summer day? Take a splash on the flume ride or Amazon Express. While I’m talking about expresses – I have to mention the T-Express. Korea’s steepest rollercoaster, it is the mother-of-all rides at Everland, with lines backing up two hours or more on some days. Also be aware, there is not only a minimum height requirement, but a maximum (195cm). It’s in place for safety reasons. I can attest that it is needed, too. I stand 194cm tall and frequently find myself ducking as I cruise on the T-Express.

Everland also does a great job of putting on a good show. Throughout the year are several themed displays of song and dance making their way through the park to the main stage. During summer months, the aptly named Summer Splash show delights audiences while showering them water. With the fall season just around the corner, the show will shift gears and feature a Halloween theme. The show continues to change as each season approaches, making it always something new to see. For more information on this great park, surf on over to www.everland.com.

PS – If you like animals, make sure you check out the zoo. Just follow the signs!

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