Incheon International Airport: A Guide

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Inside one of the world’s busiest airports: Incheon International

Incheon International Airport (IIAC) is one of the largest and busiest airports in the world. Moreover, for several years the Airports Council International named it number one. Why? Not only was it designed for the traveler departing Seoul, but designed for those passing through this great facility.

One thing that’s really impressive about IIAC is the amount of food available for travelers. Convenience stores are sprinkled throughout the airport providing patrons with all sorts of snacks or beverages. If you want something hearty, no worries, IIAC has you covered there, too. Many popular franchise restaurants are open 24-hours a day. In fact, the airport is also home to several western and Asian restaurants should you prefer a sit-down meal. Then there’s the coffee. Each floor is abundant with coffee shops, so one need not go without that delightful nectar of the gods.


One of IIAC’s many Information Desks.

However, if you’re more adventurous, IIAC has a lot to offer and your first stop should be the Information Desk. Many are located throughout the airport, but on the main arrival floor, you’ll find them in front of gate 5 and 10. They’re open from 7am until 10pm every day. They provide information about the airport and its services. This help is free and available in several languages.


Shopping, shopping, shopping!

The airport has more shopping available to passengers than I have ever seen. Normally, when traversing through an airport on one’s trip, you’re relegated to small souvenir stores or Duty Free establishments. Sure Incheon International Airport has these, but also has so much more. In the main concourse are Korean malls featuring items from AK Plaza and Shinsegae Department Store, but Prada, Chanel, and Gucci make their presence known as well.

Perhaps shopping isn’t your thing. I know it isn’t mine and the last thing I want to do is acquire more stuff to lug around on airplanes. In fact, being cooped up inside can be quite depressing. No worries. Incheon International Airport can resolve this issue. Hana Tour offers free transportation into Seoul morning and night for the visiting passenger. Their tour desk is located between Gates 6 and 7. For more information (and reservations), call +82-32-743-6605 or visit them on the web ( If you’re looking for something different, stop by the Transit Tour Desk (Gate 3/4). They have tours ranging in duration from one to seven hours. They can be reached by phone (+82-32-741-3139) or on the web (


A stand alone Internet kisok.

The Korean Internet may just be the fastest in the world. It’s penetrated every facet of society and Incheon International Airport is no exception. Networked throughout the facility is an impressive free WiFi service available to travelers. There’s nothing to sign-up for or log into, just activate your device and you’ll be surfing the digital highway in no time. If you’re not traveling with a computer or iDevice, there are several Internet Lounges stationed throughout the complex.


Entry into the Stargarden.

If you just need to escape, IIAC has two great facilities to help you do just that. First there’s the Stargarden (that I like to call my personal zen garden) located in the AREX (airport railroad) annex. The garden rests in two suspended tubes and includes several different types of plants and water fountains. Many people come to the garden to take pictures of the flora. The Spa on Air located in the basement level offers full sauna services. It’s open around the clock and many travelers opt to sleep in private rooms located here. I think it’s the perfect place to sit in a hot tub and rest.


Located in the departure area, the Museum of Korean Culture offers a special glimpse of Korea to travelers.


Airport travelers rest while watching complementary large screen TVs.


IIAC staff collects luggage trolleys for new arrivals.


Waiting to depart.

For more information about this amazing airport and additional services, visit IIAC’s official website at For sneak peak at what you can expect when traveling through the Incheon International Airport, view the video below.

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