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Korea Brand Expedition. Day 3. Gongju

Korea Brand Expedition. Day 3. Gongju

We arrived to Gongju to visit the Tombs of King Muryeong and try Gongju galbi (Chungcheong-do is famous for this~)

We chose this restaurant:

We chose this restaurant:

The service was perfect and meal was veeery delicious~

We interviewed Mrs. Kim Hye-sik, the owner of the restaurant (she is, moreover, talanted poet and photographer. Thanks for splendid photo-book!!)

Mrs. Kim Hye-sik is cutting kalbi especially for foreign guests (Poland and Russian)

Mrs. Kim Hye-sik is cutting galbi especially for foreign guests (Poland and Russian)

<My dream is to make my restaurant the best in Gongju>



1. Since when did you run the restaurant?

I run this restaurant as my mother started cook gukbapjip. in the market. It was 65 years ago… We restarted our restaurant after Korean War. I’m the second generation who run this business. Moreover, I moved the restaurant to a place where it’s intensive traffic.

2. What are the most important that restaurants do?

I’m sure you liked it. Also able to experience the local culture with a restaurant that is very good.

3. Where the best thing you ever been the boss of the restaurant?

Why have small-area restaurant I like to stick to food culture. It represents the region’s food to guests from other regions and foreigners.

4. When do you feel worthwhile?

The most worthwhile is that making a food I represent our city – Gongju. Eating out late and go to college has also studied management.

5. Why do you think of food seokgalbi representative?

Nowadays to serve guest with just kukbab is not enough. They prefer to order some meat, I,e. bulgogi or kalbi. They just want to enjoy lots of different menus and to make a choice. So I think, I we should offer wider range of Korean food. That’s why we specialize in seokgalbi. Additionally, this are very popular dished abroad. Simply, seokgalbi is a kind of adventure to fit the taste and trend of people.

6. What is your final dream?

In Japan traditionally restaurant is family business: from father to son, from one generation to another. There are restaurant with 200 years history restaurant. I think that we should run our business in the same way. I’d like my daughter to continue running our restaurant.

Mrs. Kim Hye-sik with Korea Brand Expedition from Korea and Poland and a manager Kang Dong-sik from Presidential Council on National Branding

7. Finally, you’ll read this article, Please say a few words to foreigners.

Mrs. Kim Hye-sik with Korea Brand Expedition team

The food itself is treated as a tourism sight itself recently. Foreign travellers usually pays attention to sights and cultural treasure, but I think that cuisine helps to understand culture deeper.

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