Namsan Tower – a romantic hot spot

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Currently known as N Seoul Tower, this beautiful spot to visit and a real landmark of the metropolitan city, lets you enjoy the unforgettable panorama of Seoul. Thanks to the incredible landscape view, Namsan Tower is one of the most popular tourist destinations. This observation and communication tower is located on top of 262 meters high Namsan Mountain and tops out at 480 meters above sea level. It was built in 1969, and opened to public in 1980.

The easiest way to get there is to get out of subway on Myeongdong station and take exit 2 or 3. You can either take a walk up the hill, passing The Pacific Hotel on your left, or take a special bus which stops right in front of the subway exit 2 and 3. Bus will take you straight to Namsan Tower Cable Car Station. From there, you have two options again – you can either buy a ticket for cable car or walk up the mountain. Cause of million of stairs, the second choice is a little exhausting, especially when you’re out of shape or visiting Seoul in the middle of hot summer. Of course choosing the second path, you have much more possibilities to enjoy the views. I especially recommend taking a walk right before sunset.

Cable car takes you to an observation terrace, and if you want to get inside the tower and hit the top of it, you need to buy a ticket. If you don’t feel like going up so high, you can take a rest at a plaza, grab a coffee, have a snack or a full course meal, or visit the Teddy Bear Museum located nearby.

What’s the most impressive, except the views of course, are the love padlocks hung by couples on the terrace fences. Both lovers express their love through messages written on the padlocks and after locking them to a fence, they throw the key away. Usually the messages contain the names and a promise that these two will never separate.

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