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Thank you for your interest in the Worldwide Korea Bloggers. The application period for the second batch of bloggers was December 1 to 25, 2011 and since we received such a high volume of applications, we apologize to those who were close to the nomination but couldn’t make the final selection. Please apply again for the third batch of bloggers in 2013 — the notice will be posted roughly around the end of November 2012.

The duration of blogging activity for both the first and second btch is January 1 to December 31. Twenty of the 42 bloggers from the first batch will be joined by 30 new bloggers.

Final candidates are selected based on their blogging activities (must run a personal blog), participation in social media networks, interest in Korea or a particular field of Korean culture, and ability to communicate and write in English (writing in both one’s native language and English is acceptable). Also, extra consideration was given to bloggers living abroad who submitted a letter of recommendation from an official or the head of their local Korean Culture Center .

Successful candidates will:
o have their blog posts introduced on the Korea Blog. We post a new story every day, publishing stories from Worldwide Korea Bloggers about three times a week or 12-15 times a month.
o receive an icon for their own homepage indicating their affiliation
o receive invitations to cultural center events as a partner (for bloggers not in Korea)
o receive invitations to various cultural events like concerts and plays (for bloggers in Korea)
o receive gifts
and a total of about five of the most active bloggers will be invited on a press tour of Korea for 3-4 days and continue blogging for the Korea Blog.

Worldwide Korea Bloggers MUST be available by email, phone, or other SNS tools at any time. 

Here is a list of bloggers — both who will continue from the first group and the newly selected bloggers. We will notify successful candidates by email in the first week of January 2012.

(in alphabetical order by first name)

Alexandra DeMaria (Korea) 1ST
Asif Quadri (Korea) 1ST
Cindy Zimmer (Canada) 1ST
David Teszar (Hungary) 1ST
Eleonora Ibragimova (Korea) 1ST
Esaulova Daria (Russia) 1ST
Jen Pace (Korea) 1ST
Jo-Anna Lynch (Korea) 1ST
Jordi Sánchez Teruel (Korea) 1ST
Jun Duong (Australia) 1ST
Kimberly Hiller (Korea) 1ST
Lauren Kilberg (Korea) 1ST
Magdalena Sieminska (Poland) 1ST
Maria Margareta (Indonesia) 1ST
Nana Cuellar (Brazil) 1ST
Niki Lake (U.S.) 1ST
Paul Matthews (Korea) 1ST
Roger Tyers (Korea) 1ST
Somchandra Nahakpam (India) 1ST
Yaisana Huidrom (India) 1ST
Ana Park (Korea) 2ST
Andy St. Louis (Korea) 2ND
Angeliki Katsika (Greece) 2ND
Chris Mitchell (Korea) 2ND
Cristina and Daniela (U.S.) 2ND
Crystal Anderson (U.S.) 2ND
Dale Quarrington (Korea) 2ND
Dita Wulandari Utomo (Korea) 2ND
Dorothea Suh (Germany) 2ND
Gisela Verdin (Mexico) 2ND
Greg Sandford (Korea) 2ND
Hallie Bradley (Korea) 2ND
James Cheney (Korea) 2ND
Jessica Steele (Korea)  2ND
Joanna Darnley (England) 2ND
Johanne Miller (Korea) 2ND
Jonathan Wung (France) 2ND
Klarisse Gepilano (U.S.) 2ND
Korean Class Massive (England) 2ND
Marcus Maltempo (U.S.) 2ND
Marie Webb (U.S.) 2ND
Mathew Burnett (Korea) 2ND
Melinda Szappanyos (Korea) 2ND
Michelle Correa (Philippines)  2ND
Miguel Estela (Korea) 2ND
Nicole Lace (Korea) 2ND
Rahul Prabhakar (Korea) 2ND
Robert Dunning (Korea) 2ND
Tey-Marie Astudillo (Korea) 2ND
Thomas Walsh (Korea) 2ND

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