My 12 reasons to visit Korea

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* This post is written by Gisela Verdin, one of the Korea Blog’s Worldwide Korea Bloggers.

1- Food

I want to eat more Korean food, street food, drink Makgeolli, go to lots of restaurants, visit a Mexican food restaurant (I’m intrigued). Go to all thos mini marts and buy crazy snacks!

2- Busan / Incheon – Travel Around

I want to go to Seoul first and then travel around S. Korea. I would like to visit North Korea but that’s going to be way to complicated for a little while.

3- Visit people I met on my 1st visit

I want to meet with the people I met last year (In Seoul and Mexico) and would also like to meet some of my fav K-Bloggers (stalker much?? Lol)

4- Noryangjin

On my 1st visit to Seoul I went to the 63 building and I could see the Noryangjin market from there but I didn’t have time to go that day since I had to meet a friend and I still regret I didn’t go back :(

5- Take my mom/sister

I want to show them why I fell in love with Korea :)

6- Do a Temple stay

Again I didn’t have enough time to do this the 1st time but the 2 temples I visited felt so peaceful…I need to do this next time.

7- Do a Korea Home stay

You can read more about it here:

8- Go to the Kimchi museum

What else can I say? I love Kimchi ^^

9- Take cooking lessons

You know I love my Korean Food!!!

10- Speak more Korean

This is a MUST… Meaning I also have to study more

11- House of Sharing

Would like to do some volunteer work at the House of sharing

12- Take a tour through some of the “My name is Kim Sam soon” locations…. I have to!! This show got me to love Korea!!!

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