The Tourist – Chang Soung-Un Photo Exhibition at Korean Cultural Center Jakarta

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Solo Exhibitions :
‘The Tourist’ in Korean Cultural Center Jakarta, January 2012.
‘continous scent of the root’ in Vladivostok Russia, September 2010.
‘Scent of Root’ at Gallery Wooduk in Seoul March 2010.
‘continous scent of the root’ Mil-all art museum in Seoul, January 2010.
‘appease the perfume’ at Hankuk Art Museum in Yon-in April 2009.

Exhibition date : 9 – 15 January 2012
Venue : Korean Cultural Center Jakarta.

Biography :
Chang Soung-Un was born in Seoul Korea in 1959, She graduated from Glendale college and Otis Parson college of Art and Design, and earned master degree at Sook-Myung Women’s University in 1993 and became a finalist in “Hancook Newletter company’s photo contest in L.A.

She worked as a teaching assistant at Korea National Sport Univ. of Seoul in 1989 and took position of a college photographer for 3 years. She also worked as a part-time lecturer at Choong-Nam University and Mock-Won University of Dae-Jeon in 1990.

Exhibition review :
All the photos were printed on Korean paper, that’s why this exhibition look unique for me. Great concept!^^

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