New BB(Blemish Balm) trend and how to apply it?

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After the huge success of BB Creams – we’ve seen many other spawns of it : BB Pact, BB Powder, etc. The current trend now is the BB Base. I’ve been seeing this product in a few brands lately that is quite new to me. At first i thought that they were normal make up base, but after further inspection, they actually contained BB capsules it in.

A recap for the different colours of make-up bases :

White: Lightens Darker Foundations, Use to Enhance Features and Highlight Cheekbones, Use as a Spot Treatment for Blemishes.

Yellow: Hides Undereye Circles, Dark Spots and Purple Blotches, Adds Warmer Tones when Mixed with Cool Toned Foundations. Balances out Orange/Red tones in Light Complexions.

Mint (Green): Covers Redness, Acne and Rosacea. Also used after laser and chemical peels to cover Redness.

Lavender: Hides Bruises and is used to Cover the after effects of Plastic Surgery. Also, Neutralizes Yellow Tones and Gives Sallow Complexions a Healthy Glow.

Mauve: Used to Even out Blue and Black Tones found in Bruises, Veins and Under Eye Circles.

Peach: Hides Blue Undereye Circles. Also used to Liven up Overall Skin Tone and Add a Healthy Glow. Balances out Slight Discolorations.

So, after rubbing these BB Base onto your skin, the colour will change to a BB colour. So far, i’ve found out 3 brands that do offer these sort of BB Creams. But feel free to add on the comments section below if you know any other brands.

1. Mizon OHMU Multi Capsule Changing BB Cream

This one only contains 2 makeup base colour : purple and green.

2. Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream

Same like Mizon, the Liole comes also in two colours : green and purple.

3. Chosungah Raw Tone Up Tint 조성아 로우 톤업 틴트

To be mixed together with their ‘celebrity cream’ the Chosungah End Cream or the Chosungah Dayshu Cream. Comes in 3 colours. Mix them in a 3 (cream) to 1 (base) ratio. !

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How do you apply your BB Creams ?

How should you apply your BB Creams ? In this next article, we will be talking about the different ways to apply your BB Cream, and which will be the suitable one according to the BB Cream texture and your skin type.

The 3 most known ways to apply your BB Creams are as such : your fingers, a brush, and sponge.

When to use fingers?

Most of us use our fingers to apply our BB Cream, after all they’re free and we need not spend any extra money! Using our fingers have advantages and disadvantages. BB Creams that are balmy are best applied with our fingers as the heat produced by our hands melts the BB Cream and makes it easier to apply on our skin. When using our fingers, we also tend to use the least amount of BB Cream. However the downside : they don’t give the smooth even coverage that a brush or sponge does.

There are two ways to apply Bb Creams using your fingers. The first is just spreading and rubbing it on your skin, and the second is using the 3 fingers, dap them BB Creams, then lightly tap it your skin all over.

The first method is used for those who would like to have a better coverage, while the second is used to have more of a light sheer coverage.

Left = Spreading , Right = Dabbing

When to apply using sponge ?

According to korean make-up artist, sponge is the most suitable for those with oily skin. Before applying the BB Cream, spray the sponge with a facial mist to moisten it. Even though a sponge give you an even coverage, the sponge itself soaks a lot of the BB Cream, so the BB Cream is wasted.

Watch this video below :


When to apply using a brush ?

This is my favourite method when applying my BB Creams as they give a very smooth and even coverage. The brush is also recommended if you are using a liquid BB Cream, and if you have drier skin. However, if your BB Cream is balmy, i would not recommend this method, as it is hard to work with using a brush. If you want to use the brush with a balm type of BB Cream, spread some BB Cream on the back of your hands, and rub them. The heat of your fingers will melt the BB Cream and make it easier to handle with a brush.

Using a right brush really makes a difference when applying your BB Creams. Check out the differences between the brush ( B ) , finger ( F ) , and sponge ( S ) method :

Using a vibration machine

The final way of applying your BB Cream is using a vibration machine like the Enprani Face Designer Auto Pat. The idea is that these microvibrations make for a smoother and more even finish, all while creating softer skin over time.

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